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Insurance across state lines there was unclear how much of an impact to the order will actually have janine norman abc news washington house speaker paul ryan was asked about the president's latest tweet about puerto rico echo to do more to help puerto rico rebuild its own economy so that i can be selfsufficient the president tweeted this morning that fema can't stay in puerto rico forever on the same day that the house votes on a thirty six billion dollar really fill in northern california a positive sign again the battle against some massive wildfire cigarette news really he is the a wind event that was predicted to blow through the night into day did materialize quite to the level as predicted so that gave us better opportunity to have a more containment on our fires napa county fire chief berry bearman and for now police say they have another problem to worry about here's abc's alex stone santa rosa on this neighborhood mean right now there are police who have come man from all over northern california who were patrolling for a looters in one neighborhood i saw signs somebody put up the red bouterse roby shot santa rosa police have made some looting arrests we know the really trying to quell any looting by super saturating the area with police from all kinds of police departments out on patrol in twenty three people have died so far in the fyre and about 3500 buildings have been destroyed and american hostage and her family who have been held in pakistan for the past five years are coming home kaitlan coleman her three children and her husband are said to be in a safe spot in pakistan she was pregnant when she was captured this is abc news have you ever thought about saying goodbye to your job just walking into your boston saying i.

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