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Right. As you age might be like your metabolism slows down. You're just not hungry. You're tired or you also if you aren't working, you might not have a lot of money, etc. So you're eating things that. Yeah. So it's definitely I haven't heard the term bachelor scurvy. Yeah. But yeah, it definitely that's a population. That would definitely be at risk for scurvy and one thing that I found interesting is that. Clearly, scurvy still happens. Rain scurvy, still happens everywhere. All it takes is just not eating fruits and vegetables. So he's not hard to get scurvy. If you think about someone only eating like, toast and rice or something like that or to Suzy can Giorgia soup. Whatever. Yes. So that's scurvy in the world today. Wow. Okay. Very interesting. Yeah. I had fun doing this. I love this that it was a really fun departure. I loved seeing germ theory from the other side. Yeah. We've never seen that yet. How fun and I'm sorry. There weren't more pirates. You know, I made them enough. I just can't shoving the pirates. I mean, the thing is is that pirates were just a part of all of that the sailors if you wanna read about sailor's pirates. Let's talk about sources. Let's okay. Great transition by. So I read a book by Kenneth carpenter, which I mentioned earlier called the history of scurvy in vitamin c it is extensively. Well, researched is great. It's a really thorough book. Also history of scurvy vitamin C by Howard, celebrate in the book, vitamin c in health and disease. The Cambridge will history of human disease and then a couple of articles which will post. Yes, we will post all of articles that we use on our website. This podcast will kill you dot com. You can find those under our episodes tab each episode. We have all of our booklets and our article lists. If you are for some reason, especially interested in any of the case reports shoot us an Email at this podcast will kill you at gmaiLcom. And I'd be happy to send you those. You also can find us on Twitter at teepee w k y and this podcast will kill you on Instagram where we post lots of pictures and cool stuff that we find about each episode. Thank you to blood mobile for providing the music for this episode and all of our episodes. We love it and thanks to you for listening. Yeah. We really like making this hot cast, and it makes us happy that we're not the only ones who listen to ourselves. Talking. Yeah. Until next time wash your hands and eat a bell pepper.

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