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You are listening to the skeptics guy to the universe you're escape to reality hello and welcome to the skeptics guide to the universe today is wednesday february 14th 2018 and this is your host stephen abella joining me this week art bob davila everybody cara santa cloudy and evan bernstein good evening folks so you may be wondering why were recording on valentine's day rather than having dinner with our significant others right that was the plan we actually planned on recording on tuesday night but this is what happened tuesday thoughts like right at the end of my work day waiting are waiting for my last patient yeah we have this 30 minute buffer like i'll wait thirty minutes from i last patient to show up as jedi yeah and then i get a text from my daughter whose home alone because she could know how to school in the afternoon she text me just when we're dad and then i happen to be it i didn't have a patient at that moment so i i i noticed the text your chances are usually delayed in answer my text by reentered right away i'm like yeah there's water coming in through the ceiling oh law that's very vague and we have our then we might have a little drip or whatever something leaks around the bathtub or something you know so try to suss out with like how bad the says and she's being very nonspecific you know so like there's a hole in the ceiling how big a whole really big oak.

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