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Discussing the conditions in miami and naples and both reporters said mentioned listen you don't wanna be on the roads in this right now but that's true even here in central florida we had done an earlier interview with sergeant kim montas with the florida highway patrol saying really you don't wanna be out on the roads right now uh we are still seeing people out on the road than we're actually have about a half a dozen crashes in a central florida area we're wanting to remind those drivers that don't absolutely have to be somewhere critical they gifted kind if they put the wind starting to pick up we've seen people beating way too fast for these weather conditions though we what we're hoping that people get to their destination shortly and then stay there until after the storm now for those folks did you get on the roads do they face any kind of legal trouble if they're outside of a county that has a curfew well you know what we want an realizes that curfews have been an and acted anita county's by the sheriff's to protect everybody when its proper what is the people's lives driving in a higher patel were concerned about people driving and he's when goss special a larger vehicle and we've seen what happened in previous hurricanes and hurricane charlie we actually had a fatality where a box truck blew over on a a car and killed a child on a beach line that we know the potential for damage and as he's winds come down trees are star to come down to brief starting to get swept into the road we don't want people especially as we reach the nighttime hours to be surprised if they attempted drive they may not be able to see the debris in the road and it can actually causing a crash or somebody can die well you know we want our first responders to be safe as well so is is there any point during this storms progression that the florida highway patrol will take their troopers off of grow patrol were monitoring the.

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