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Allow officers to reopen next week. But as to when the state will hit the 70% rate and totally reopened. No one knows for sure. A mask or not to mask That is the big question for many since the CDC updated its mask policy last week, saying, those who are vaccinated don't have to wear one anymore. Some places of business. They're still requiring them, though Elizabeth her tell director The Michigan Health Department says the announcement wasn't a surprise because the data is showing the vaccine is working. The reason that one of the main factors behind that announcement is that this vaccine is effective and we're seeing that it, you know, really prevent period illness, hospitalization and even prevent transmission to others. Um, for people who are vaccinated, so the huge step forward director hotels spoke to Paul W. Smith, Michigan is following the recommendations of the CDC that mass are no longer required indoors or outdoors for those who've got all of his shots. Many local businesses, though we're still having a mixed reaction stores like Kroger, CBS Target and Starbucks and the Michigan Court system are still requiring masks inside Costco, WalMart and Trader Joe's are among those who have already said they will not require masks. Holes in Warsaw popped champagne corks at the stroke of midnight Friday to celebrate bars and restaurants opening for the first time in six months. It's outdoor service only indoor service to resume with limited capacity made the 28th additionally as of Saturday. Polish people are no longer required to wear masks in Poland. Water has been shut off to a sizable portion of east downtown to try to fix the leaking water main. Ah 30 inch main near Bates and farmers started leaking last week and it may take a couple of days to fix. The area is between East Congress to East Lafayette and Woodward. Oboe bian will be affected low water pressure for the next couple of days. They don't know how long it'll take, but they're hoping they have the water running by Tuesday at the earliest. Finding between Israel and the militant group Hamas and the Gaza Strip is continuing as two signs firing rockets at each other grab. Fox's Greg Palkot has more from a shot Israel near the Gaza border. It is just the beginning of week two with the battle between Israel and Hamas militant group and from here on the ground in central Israel. There is no sign of any let up. We watched this four rockets from Gaza were intercepted by the Iron Dome missiles, but at least one God through hitting a building of the town nearby, three were injured. Those rockets were in response to some a major Israeli air strikes in Gaza earlier today. Sponsors great Palkot and a shot. Israel The Washington Post is reporting. The Biden administration recently improved a $735 million weapons sale to Israel. On Wall Street. At this hour, the Dow was down 68, the S and P off 15 Ken Rygel Ski WJR News, The guy Gordon show in two minutes, a strong work ethic. Takes.

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