John Mcenroe, NPR, Serena Williams discussed on Tom Leykis Show


To say he's role is there's something wrong with him saying that and there are many people many people who i saying he's a misogynist which of course is the convenient attack on me all the time so um you heard me say john mcenroe was on npr on sunday and he said that if serena williams played the men's tennis circuit that she be ranked it like number seven hundred is that misogynists to say is it wrong to say this is only two answers to this question yes or no right or wrong agree or disagree that's it so they'll be no excuse did not have all tenfold line's lit right now and we start the our cleaned nobody there you call in right now you will gideon a you may have heard this story before or not but i just told you the essence of the story john mcenroe goes on mbr our and he says that if serena williams played on the men's tennis circuit she be ranked number seven hundred and now mcenroe's is getting all this blowback about and i say is i guinea other sports argument it's like any other sports argument everybody's entitled to an opinion and john mcenroe knows a lot about tennis if he says that he might be right but if he really feels that way is he not supposed to express that opinion is he not supposed to tell us what he thinks of serena williams that's his opinion.

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