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Ten three one six five three two zero or you could drop me an email Tim dot herb at RBC dot com okay getting back to where I left off after that first break I mention again not to spook you all about the bounce we had that last week kind of snapping the consecutive declines week after week that we saw in may an hour earlier the month of June but I talked about the summer months and out typically the summer months are kind of the you know that the summer doldrums there's a variety of factors and reasons why summer months are slower in terms of the market stock market activity schools out people were vacationing volume is thin as far as market activity throughout the days and that's not to say the markets cannot surprise odd maybe to the up side or even have some larger declines than usual but even office recent bouncing a we seen this trend developing over the course of the last eighteen months the last year and a half looking at some larger support numbers on the dal the S. and P. kind of layers if you will and you know kind of a short term support level followed by maybe an intermediate term support level when the markets but I don't do not think in my personal opinion my humble opinion are that we are out of the woods yet for testing maybe a market low there is a possibility we could have some further downside and you know when we look at the markets and the thing that's interesting typically is that pull backs in the stock market can have their biggest days at the very end our and maybe maybe the month of may was it out yet again and maybe what we're gonna trade neutral side ways for the summer and then look to get back on track for the start of the fall season with the markets it's hard to say or maybe we have some further declines and maybe some bigger down days here ahead of us this summer I. S. we may expect some volatility to continue over the near term and you know again the market the stock market indexes have been trading in these in really these tighter ranges for the past three months within some wider range is really about fifteen percent that's.

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