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Good. I accidentally broke a cutic- off in mightier inside the air. The kuttan swab part completely came off in here. So i decided to then try get it out but obviously i can't see in my ear. I took a pair of tweezers stuck them in there and try to grab it out and pushed it in more and then asked my wife to try and get it out. But she couldn't see it she was looking at. She's i don't even see inside there so clearly. It was deep in there. I then decided you know what i got this out. I'm going to take the tweezers. But i was fearful that they would push the cotton swab even further inside so i opened up the teas as far as they could open it whilst inside my ear jim and pushing it through imagining surround evidently scraped up my ear canal finally decided to go to the emergency room and it a bunch of money. I went to urgent care quite humorous reaction amongst the peoples there and the doctor and then they're then everybody got a kick out of it said he. They don't quite see this. They find bugs and things and people but never this and they got out. And then i took a prescription for my ears because the doctor. The dodgers confused. He didn't understand how. I scratched it. An expert stuck around for it. It's out there. Be careful it made me choke this year. That with you So yes out. That was the starting point that i wanted to bring to your attention because i found a comedic And then the other thing that i wanted to touch on now in as we're going with more light hearted situations just to start off is there has been for those of you who do know. We lost another. Not lighthearted. I guess but we lost some of our childhood this past week.

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