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Including Seventh Avenue and Broadway between forty fourth and forty six treats the group behind the protest extinction rebellion also stage of climate change protest on Wall Street earlier this week were over ninety people were arrested there been several arrests in this pop up demo two two business associates of Rudy Giuliani you're under arrest as correspondent Linda canyon tells us it's tied to the trump Ukraine scandal the two Soviet born Florida based business executives are charge of campaign finance violations the indictment says they were engaged in funneling foreign money to influence US elections the two have been working closely with president trump's personal attorney Rudy guiliani to investigate Joe Biden and a son hunter concerning hunters business dealings with the Ukrainian energy company president trump's efforts to enlist the Ukrainian president to investigate the bidens led to the current impeachment inquiry president trump is ripping of fox news poll on impeachment the president tweeted out his disdain for the poll which shows fifty one percent of respondents think trump should be impeached and removed from office that's up from forty two percent in a similar poll taken back in July trump complained that he has quote never had a good fox news poll he also said fox is much different than it used to be in the good old days after Cuba Gooding junior will not begin trial today as new charges are being filed the Oscar winner appeared in court in Manhattan today were prosecutors requested to delay jury selection Gooding is accused of groping a twenty nine year old woman at a rooftop bar in mid town back in June it's unclear if the new charges are related but they will be unsealed next week the fifty one year old is due back in court on Tuesday I'm Kristin marks for seventy seven W. A. B. C. news police are investigating after teenager was found shot to death on a quiet street in queens on Wednesday this doesn't happen the reaction of one neighbor after hearing that nineteen year old Jay Patel was dumped and left for dead Wednesday afternoon at eighty Third Avenue and two hundred sixty eight street in floral park after being shot somewhere else we don't have any trouble like that the gangs and everything that doesn't exist around here the tell live just a block away police are looking for answers a motive and for red Toyota Camry seen speeding from the same it's turning out to be a banner day on Wall Street as president trump gets ready to meet Chinese officials and to talk trade the Dow up two hundred thirty five points the nasdaq up seventy two and the S. and P. of twenty seven point sports the Yankees will find out who they're playing Saturday in the American League Championship Series it'll be either the Astros.

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