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Something mice president Pence said because it's important. I asked him his reaction to Senator Lindsey Graham, Senator Graham is on television. Saying that if the president caves to the Democrats on this if there is any indication of any capitulation or caving if there is any result that translates or looks like democrat victory Lindsey Graham is saying that's the end of our party Republican party. That'll be the end of the Republican party as an electoral force for twenty years and his his I guess his meaning is that Republican voters will be so distraught. And so that they'll vanish that'll be the end of it and vice president rec- Princess response to this was I asked him point blank. Do you agree with that? Are you looking at it this way, these we're not even looking at this with the with the political? I vice president Pence said. And I think this was sincere. He he paused for a couple of seconds to to gather his thoughts on this. And I know that he is my guess is he wasn't expecting any kind of a question of that nature. And he made the point that we're not looking at this as a political issue. Now, everybody knows that it is. But I think this is an important point. They're looking at it as an issue for what it is. We have a president keeping promises left and right. And this is isn't it? Interesting to see how trivial Washington thinks that is. Their counseling. Everybody breaks promises. And if you're if you're just holding firm on this to be true to a promise come on get real. They're saying. They're so out of touch that a presidential candidate. Keeping his promises as president is considered small irrelevant quaint and Furthermore, not productive and yet with Trump. It's an article of faith, and he's doing his best to keep as many of the promises that he made. And he's giving clear indications that he's expanding full effort to keeping promises. And he's keeping his many of the promises he can those that require the assistance of congress have been problematic because he can't get the support of congress on so many things repealing replacing ObamaCare when he wanted to do it this kind of thing. But the political observation Graham may there's something to this. And whether they're looking politically or not, and I know what buys president Pence man that what he means is we're looking at this issue. As an issue above and beyond politics. This is a national security issue. It is an American societal and cultural issue, it is a law and order issue. We're not looking at it here from how do we beat the Democrats and score political points, redoing this to save the country for crying out loud? That is how people who elected Trump look at this. Our country remains in a crisis for all of these people that still lament the election of Donald Trump, the alternative was simply unacceptable Hillary Clinton in three more terms of Barack Obama policy was unacceptable by by America's founded there was no alternative. And Trump remains it. And I thought he was very persuasive last night, and I will say this. Donald trump. Owns the stage in Trump rallies. There's nobody that can do what he does. There's nobody in politics that can even get close. Oval Office addresses. This is first prompter exclusively. Is a different person. And I'm not saying, don't misunderstand. Even with Trump not in his most favored format he's still made Pelosi and Schumer looked like a couple of morticians. He still made them look like they are the elite and arrogant condescending out of touch establishment elites that they are while in their minds. They come across and think that they're addressing a nation of people that respect them and look up to them and invest all hope in them. I don't think they have the slightest clue how they come off. It's very important that you be able to have empathy. I think you have to be able to understand how people see you when you are engaged in public speaking public performance, or what have you and these two clearly do not have the ability. And you know, why they don't have the ability to understand how they are seeing because they don't care. There's not a single thing. They think can happen to them. If you don't like what they look like or say. They don't care because what they say is what is whether you like it or not is irrelevant because there's nothing you can do to them. And there's nothing you can do to change their minds. So all of this was a perfunctory performance last night based on a false premise that Trump was gonna lie and make all kinds of mistakes. And then we're going to go out and be able and these people create this whole cloth. They've got this idea that Trump does nothing but lie and they've been living this lie themselves for all of these years. They are devoid reality. They're absent any reality whatsoever. They have created an alternative universe of media narrative after media narrative a soap opera if you will. They've created a character Donald Trump that doesn't exist in reality. But he does exist on cable news every day and every night. He does exist in the democrat caucus, but it's not the Donald Trump that people see it's not the Donald Trump is actually know live and acting as president and living his life. And it's the most amazing disconnect. He's people haven't the slightest ability to build a bond between themselves and the audience observing them, Chuck and Nancy had no hope they had no hope of creating a bond. They had no hope of nobody were Pelosi and. And and and and Schumer fans last night as people who watch Trump are fans, you might have had partisans. You might have had democrat voters and partisans hoping Chuck and Nancy really stuck it to Trump, but they're not personally invested in Chuck and Nancy. Chuck Nancy don't have that kind of relationship under voters. Very few Democrats do the Kennedys dead. But nobody is approaches. It gets close to the way Trump has and that's his strength in. That's his power. And he said something last night. That I swat you could say this is what persuasion sounds like. He said we might have this in the audio sound bite roster. I'll check well. Let me look real quick. I got a couple of minutes. Let me find. Oh, did you hear what Maggie Haberman of the failing New York Times is reporting yesterday, which is a tradition? Trump invited. Some so-called news anchors to come in for lunch anytime, there's a state of the union address or an address to the nation. The nation's big anchors come in for lunch and the president briefs them and discusses what's going to be talked about except Trump doesn't open up. Fulfills of tradition. But that doesn't give many heads up, so Maggie Haberman. It wasn't there. These things are supposed to be off the record na-, Maggie Haberman of failing New York Times says by the way, she heard from somebody there that Trump let it be known. He didn't even want to do this last night. He didn't care. He didn't even care about the wall. He didn't wanna do this speech last night. But his communications people told him he had to do it. So that's what she's out there tweeting and telling people Trump didn't even really wanted. I'll tell you didn't wanna do it with Chuck and Nancy. They bite have been looking forward to doing it. But then when Trump didn't follow the script and tell a bunch of lies and go off script. I didn't know what to do. Senator stuck looking like the morticians that they are. So yeah, it's gonna be out there. Trump didn't even really wanna do this. Translation, Trump's heart really isn't even in this. He's just doing this because tribal chieftain Rush Limbaugh telling him to do it. Or is communications people are telling him to do it Sean Hannity telling him, but he doesn't really want to. He doesn't care about the wall. He that. That's what they're going to be doing the rest of the day. And I think it's all fake news. The AP has a story that the GOP congress is now starting to crack and drudge headline did above the fold on the drudge report page GOP congress starting to crack, they're going wobbly. They are getting nervous. Well, that's what they always do. They always get nervous. They've been nervous before the shutdown started. The location is is that Trump is losing his support that Trump is going to be increasingly isolated in this shutdown. The nobody in Washington, it's all fake news. I don't believe it. You can't believe we see Lindsey Graham out there. Talking the way he's talking and warning let me see worse where the Trump by sisters. Did it grabs down by fourteen? I thought this was one of the most persuasive moments in Trump's address last night. Some have suggested a barrier is immoral then why do wealthy politicians build walls, fences and gates around their homes. They don't build walls because they hate the people on the outside. But because they love the people on the inside the only thing that is immoral is the politicians to do nothing and continue to allow more innocent people to be so horribly victimize now that was effective, and it's going to be effective to people those who saw it who are hearing about how Trump doesn't wanna be Trump wants to walk as he hates people because he's a racist. And of course, Trump is Cigna people build walls, not because they hate. People on the other side because they love their families. They loved people on the inside. Except. President couldn't say this can't say, but I can I think over half the leftists who do build walls do so in part because they hate the people on the outside. Thank you want any part of the rabble. They don't want any part of the common population getting anywhere near them. Part and parcel of being an elite is condescending to everybody else thinking you're better than everybody else. Not wanting to be touched by people who are inferior. So to the leftist and so forth that constructing these personal walls around their businesses and around their homes round their states. Speak. Clearly is because they love the people on the ends. I want to protect them. But it's also because they want nothing to do people on the outside. Do you also hear pre vice president Pence? Make clear what's happening because of the open borders that we have drug cartels, basically leading promoting conducting all of these operations of human trafficking, and drug interdiction and so forth. Who is it that's enabling this? It's the democrat party, and it's no different than when the Democrats refused to oppose the Soviet Union. Establishing a client base in Nicaragua. They were de facto supporting the communists, the same party the same people. The Democrats are supporting the drug cartels in their efforts to corrupt the United States in our culture by not doing anything to stop them by keeping the border open knowing full well, what's coming in across the border. And how about this fake excuse? Trump doesn't always talking about drugs. You're not coming into border. They're coming through ports of entry. Would you people read what he's what he's legislation is? He knows full. Well, where the drugs are coming in and his his proposal for the wall is not just for the wall. It is to interdict drugs at the port of entry. This is how. Week. These people have become to try to say Trump lied or Trump was wrong. When he said the drugs are coming in from the border. They're not they're coming through ports of entry. Does it deny the fact that illegal drugs avenue easy pipeline into the country? Is it true that Trump wants to stop it or not this is the kind of fact checking that went on last night, that's just nonsensical. These people are making fools of themselves. Now, it may well be that we have to tell people that the Democrats are making fools of themselves. But that's what we're here to do. Take a break. We will be back before you know, it don't go away. Rush Limbaugh here. The network back after.

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