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And you I'm sure obviously your plays with the quality and honesty of the songs sometimes. Right. You know, if you go into an audition image, just we'll just cross the streams and go over into the. I need to really good audition. But then he got the job. Are you thinking our what are you can you that too bad or you making comparisons with how you on that day or I'm just trying to get some power? Dell's between not on the music, you know, I. Afflicted with with thing of like, of course, I didn't get it because I'm not good no via. Okay. Like, I never thought I deserve the single job. I've ever got of never. Yeah. I've I've ever had that feeling of like. Yeah. Deserve to be. So I don't I never have a sense very often addition if I'm Wellard north just Latin. I'm just going to do it. Trauma? Best try make it seem like the way somebody would say this to you. It's yeah. Yeah. Yeah. But let's let's go back to keep jumping around the timelines. My life is I twelve conversations like a structured interview questions and answers. There's this this this this isn't that you You know, know. I. To leave in school. Did you have the plan? Together outburst. All that point. Oh, when did you feel the I I think if I'm being ready on his I've just come from therapy? You've got like a very raw. Noble. To be honest. I kind of have to get out of Bristol of. We don't have to talk about anything that you don't know about. No, I'm I'm happy to talk about I'm happy to talk about because I think honesty's important as comedy working for the moment is that like especially in terms of if if anybody else can. Convert late something that maybe helps them in some way. Yeah. But like I was depressed at the end of school. And I didn't know it. I can only put that language to it now. But yeah, I like, you know. I go to SE's. I almo friends it like, Don ready. Well, they were like as law student. Yeah. So I felt complete our cost are ready kinda like I spent most of my school time out cost myself and just making sure that I was like cool with everybody. And. Pretty effective when I came out, and I had no idea what was going to do a new. I wanted to make stuff by didn't know, what there was nothing that really told me that there was a job where I could do you like why enjoyed about drama y enjoyed about music. Yeah. But what I did do. And now think about even know how managed this by a think it was like ten page script and send it to the head of. This course, Bristol college. He's media moving image, right? See I mean is it's not a very linear thing. I'd also just started to like fall in love with films, right? Okay. Really different ways. How does it? When I was a kid. I was like I used to write reports from like for why we should go his films. I'll be like it's rated PG. This lang. By reason, these times, this is why I think like, I should see this film. So I always loved films in that way. But then there's one night we went to blockbusters secret window that Johnny that Stephen King adaptation. He's always do square owes enough. Anyway. And then we also got eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. Which like I love Jim Carey when on garden up. Yeah. Remember guards with my mom. And there was this Jim Carrey film. I couldn't go see because I was too young. Yeah. And her friend had just been sit. We said it was amazing. So we went to blockbuster spider. And I was I I wonder what style one I wasn't. I was fourteen permanent. Yeah. We weren't secret window, and then my mom went to bed, and I stayed off worst eternal sunshine. I'm mind just like exploited. Yeah. I had no idea that anybody. I didn't know you could do this and the end of the film. I watched it from the talk to drag joy away. Yeah. And. That was the first time..

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