Donald Trump, Meghan Mccain, John Mccain discussed on Dean Richards' Sunday Morning


On Chicago's best. If you want the best you gotta head out west. The all new Chicago's best burbs is on tonight at ten on WGN TV couple of texts coming in the Donald Trump. John McCain tweets that came out and Meghan McCain tweets, eight four seven area code says. Love Meghan McCain. She'll give it back to Trump in spades. Not a Republican, but she is someone to watch a lot like her father. Here's one from the two one nine area. Codeine? Why don't you stick with Hollywood stuff and not politics, which I never understood when when people say that he used to say that the Roger Ebert people used to say to change Cisco. Why don't you just stick to movies and not talk about politics? I don't know what this two one nine professionals, what their occupation has let's say this person is a plumber or an executive or who knows what why are you? Stick to plumbing, and not talk about politics doesn't make sense to me. We're all Americans. We're all allowed to have opinions. I don't know. I mean, I realize you probably don't like to hear what I have to say. But you know, we're in America. This is America. Sorry. We're allowed to have opinions here is the three one two area code. How did John McCain's action related to this matter change the fact that he's dead now and Trump continues to disparage him and his family? Here's another one that says. Dean love your show. I still get amazed. That people believe everything Trump says and does to be the truth must be a lot of people there with low self esteem. You know, I try to be respectful to everybody. You know, if you have a different opinion that I do I try to be respectful, let you express your opinion, which I think I did with the caller who was in support of the president. I'm not going to insult anybody. I think you're not everyone's entitled to their opinion. Mine is is that it's incredibly disrespectful to disparage an American hero. A patriot who is dead and cannot defend themselves can all feel. However, you want about it. Let's get a check of the latest news now sponsored by architect. Here is Dave Schwann in just about a half hour, the south side Irish parade gets underway on western avenue. Western is closed now between ninety ninth and one hundred nineteenth street. This is the forty first annual event on the south side, the north side Irish parade closing northwest highway between Nagle and Harlem today, New York Senator Kirsten gillibrand is now in the race. For president Xi is the fourteenth democrat to enter the race officially yesterday in a keynote speech at a dinner for the Delaware Democratic Party, former vice president Joe Biden said he has the most progressive record of anybody running thing is he hasn't Fisher. Announced that he is running just yet. He quickly corrected himself saying he meant to say anybody who would run one person was injured several displaced after a fire in the third floor apartment building early this morning this happening in the twenty four hundred block of east seventy seventh. Some people were knocking on doors to get residents out of that building is the fire spread no word on the cause..

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