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And I think that's why. We had such a great relationship because he really saw that everybody in the business. Everybody told me this will never work. And take show from new. York and rebroadcast at an La. It'll never work. And I went. He's unique. He's different now now now it won't work and I went back to Howard and I said you know. Everybody's telling me and he goes Bob Look. You've got a mayor in L.. A. That people think is nuts. We have a mayor of New York that thinks people think they're nuts. You got a boss pisses you off. Everybody's got boss pisses them off. You hear a funny story. It's the same you know. It's New York. It's funny in La Trust me. I can do this that. Really paved the road for his whole expansion I mean because he was a regionalized at that right lane, and you're the first person that take a chance to put on a completely different region right, and it was the greatest fifteen year. Right of my career on real did weatherly or trip ever come to you and kind of acknowledge that I understand? They had Kevin and bean which? I understand their position. Sure he would have been so disruptive to what they were doing. Yeah, you know it wouldn't fit at all because they would would've told him. You're playing for records and our. That wasn't Howard. Is You bought how when you bought? Howard you got Howard, which means? When when magic as you know diagnosed with AIDS, and then he does four days of AIDS jokes about Magic Johnson. You might basically have riots right in front of our radio station when Selena gets shot and he starts doing jokes about that and we have the National Hispanic Media Coalition. Go against us. How do you deal with all that as general manager? With a lot of support. and. You have to learn very quickly that. Your control is limited. You know, and so that was the whole. It started before we got him, but that was the editing process. So then we had an editor for our show, so they had an editor back there. We at an editor here, okay? Have, right out shops and stuff out we had to. How did Howard take to that co? Not Well not well. Would he call you personally you? Call me on the air and personally. Do you just have to let it roll off, I just had well. Here's the one thing. I realized very early on. You cannot be combative with Howard. Because, I don't know if the real Howard is the on air, guy or the off air guy but. You know I will tell you when I went to hire him, and we had that meeting in New York. He's the most introverted person I ever met my life. You know as big as he is five six six, he was hunched over low down sitting on the couch and like a fetal position. He's not. He's not that aggressive. A personality in person would you say in obviously gone through this transformation over the last couple years Do you think he was actually more the person he is now, and he was kind of playing a character before or or somewhere in between I think the radio gave him freedom to be what he wanted to be. because. He didn't feel he was being judged every day and I think he will still talk about the fact that he's very introverted. He wants to stay at home he wants. He's very comfortable inside his house. Did you ever feel I guess disrespected in some of the things that he would say and hot water that he would stick you know. 'cause I understood. That was his stick his Don Buckwald. His agent told me when I started negotiating. He goes thorough people at like Howard. There are people. Don't like Howard. Your job is to find more people at like Howard, the the ones that don't like Howard. It's that simple. and. He's right. That was the thing. Did the success here in La was right away or did it take? Some time took about a year and I took a little over about a year and I'll. But I mean he. Hit the ground running. Those were the days when his plan was to destroy the competition. So I remember savings that he would dawn on an all. Right everybody that was his plan. His plan was. My attack plan is simple. You go in. Who's the kings of the market? You disrupt them immediately. Rick Dees Mark and Brian. You go right after him Jay Thomas Whoever it is, you just target those people and you're constantly beat on 'em. Well it worked Oh. Yeah, so let's go back to ninety three right so you're now back at Calisthenics in. You've convinced him to flip to talk. Let's pick it up there and Sabo right so. Walter Sabo is a consultant. Who's doing live one zero five and New Jersey? and. I forget the Orlando call letters, but it's an FM talk station in Orlando Okay and it's very very successful number one station in the market. Howard in the morning very very successful. So I meet with Walter and He. Is a phenomenal salesperson. And he convinces me that this is the right time to do it, but in order to do it. We need to. Make these personalities following Howard? As. Crazy and as Disruptive as he is, that's the word I use disruptive. Okay, so following Howard. We Hire Ken Ober and we match him with Susan Olsen from the Brady Bunch shirt and over from MTV. Yeah Susan Brady. Following that we have these two guys call the regular guys. People were putting together now. We're just putting shows together. Jackson oversee the program that are not yet not yet not yet. Then we go to. Ricky Rachman. On MTV line then we go to conway and stickler. who were two guys doing a Internet show? This is nineteen. Ninety, four, ninety, five, ninety, four, or doing an Internet show. Nobody even knows what the Internet is. Still Nail right so and then we do mother love. At Night, OH, my Gosh! Followed by rocks, the Rock and roll psychic. who does all this casting alter only? and. He's got this spell that he convinces me. This is the greatest thing in the world. So. We're rolling along. Oh in Kato Kaylin, I mentioned I forgot I forgot the one minor role in their. Kato Kaylin. You're blown up I'm I'm guessing fairmount avenue at this time twenty three million dollars billion radio stations, greater media's really bought into this greater media is rolling the dice okay on their most successful radio station in the in the company. Is this now the most pressure you've ever felt. Absolutely, so we have a press release. Press gathering. Walter says we gotTa do this right? We're GONNA roll out the whole cast. All right and we're going to change the name to real radio. No, not real radio was it was radio could actually get was real radio? and He puts echo behind everything. So, we have this press, really press conference I'd like the Four Seasons Hotel literally. There's every television station every newspaper. I've never seen anything like this in my life and they're up there with you know asking Kato Kaylin questions. Asking this questions is during the O. J. Trial. l., my God so..

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