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Love that music. Did you just Jeff kurkin? Aw. Did you just give Jack Harris lips smack was that a kiss some video some audio from the other night? We got on the kiss Cam with joy. Oh, my heavens to Betsy. By the way. I just Betsy. To get around to Murgatroyd. I got to mention Tom Jones. I I like to read his Turkey was there too. Something else now in the paper over the weekend. But Jones is I think a very good writer, and I like his turkeys, and he lists people who've done dumb things in sports, but his top one the NFL of for ignoring bringing on what's his name. The Nagai calling CAF Colin Kaepernick that they that. Nobody picks him up as a quarterback. He's been on this for a while Tom Jones years. No. And I'm saying, Tom, are you stupid? You realize what would happen to your team and your attendance? If you took on Colin Kaepernick, you'd have a lot of people say, well, I'm not going to anymore. Those games got to take a knee. That was dumb. That's either dumb. Thank goodness. He coach an owner team owner be out of business soon. Man that was stupid. Otherwise, I liked it s- column. It's eleven minutes after seven on AM Tampa Bay, and let's check in nowadays.

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