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One of the more interesting teams entering the NFL draft is the giants. Let's chat some giants football with Ed Valentine from big blue view in fall at big blue view on Twitter at big blue view. Ed. Thank you so much things time this one, and we really appreciate it. Thank you for having you anytime. So before we get into the draft stuff. Ed, this is one of the more fascinating teams in the NFL right now. What do you make of this back and forth between Dave Gettleman who said, they don't have a culture preventing more there in New York and Oto Beckham junior come into the defense on Twitter saying, I'm not a cancer to team in less. We're bad ask my teammates. What'd you make of that back and forth? Well, I I've been waiting for that shoot a drop to tell you the truth because Beckham wasn't gonna be silent forever. I mean, I look at hotel. And and and he's gonna like the Chiltern low right now, you know, he didn't want to go. And of course, he's going to take some shots at cattleman. And I don't know that all the things get said were directed at oakdale. I think he was included in some of that. But but yeah, I not surprised to Bill taking some shots at at at Gettleman. I just kind of wondered how long would take him to get around to that the question I would have about going back to the Odell Beckham junior trade is based on something that Dave got them and said recently where he said he still thinks that he lied manning is a lot left in the tank. So I would ask you if he actually believes which I quite frankly, don't believe, but if he believes that he has a lot left in the tank, why would he trade away one of the top three receivers in the NFL? If he still believes allies the guy. I think that the way he would explain it. I think that you know, what what the giants fell. I think. I think they were very very unhappy with Odell after eighteen him all that money. Last your you know, that that he went ESPN and sit some of the things about meeting day. Instead, some of the things about New York City. They said. Don't go throw your quarterback under the bus, and basically say you don't like to city when team just handed to ninety five million dollars. And you know, what for you know, what franchise playing for and what quarterback you're playing for in. And I think that that the giants just note like what like they just didn't want to deal with with Dell anymore and in other way, gentleman put it was they turned they turned one really good asset into what they hope will be three good assets. And I think that's that's where they are. They're still building, you know. And that wasn't gonna win a championship. I think is the way they felt about it. So let's turn it into multiple assets. And see if we can do better. Chan with Ed Valentine from big blue view. All right. So now, everybody's going back and forth. And what the giants are going to do with this six picks. We've heard they don't like Dwayne Haskins. Now, they do like twain Haskins. You don't really know what's going on there. And what do you think they're going to do with that six pick? Oh, good question. The crazy thing is I I think there's one of two things that could happen here. I think there are couple of defense of players that Dave Gettleman would really really love to see all the number six. I think if someone like the one that I keep coming back to its Quinton Williams defensive tackle from Alabama gave Clinton Williams somehow manages to fall to number six. And who knows if the jets the jets trade out at number three? In oakland. Does something crazy at number four, you know, that Jon Gruden and Mike Mayock would never do anything insane. So if something crazy happens in Queen Williams, the number six, I think that Dave Gettleman will will take quitting Williams. No matter who else is there is if you know one of those guys quitting Williams. Josh Allen isn't sitting narrate numbers fix. I Jones as much as the draft Twitter thinks insane. I he might just take Jones. And and and you know, take quarterback and move on. Okay. So if that does happen and Daniel Jones most people have them rank either as third of the fourth prospect in this draft in terms of the quarterback position. So Ed if that does happen and last year, of course, we know and giants fans, of course, no that they decided to pass on Sam darnold to take the running back and saquon Barkley, and they passed on the other quarterbacks in that draft, you they could've had and Rosen or Alan how do you think it'll be perceived there in New York if they end up with six pick with Daniel Jones considering all the other chances they've had at quarterbacks over the past few years. I basically think that there will be a lot of free moats thrown it a lot of television. I I don't know. I don't know in the end if if they do that. All right. I think people will stomach it better. If they take him, let's say, they don't take him and six, and and maybe they trade up and take him at eleven or twelve or he falls to seventeen and they take Jones. I think people might stomach that a little bit better. Even if he's not there their Cup of tea as as their quarterback of choice in this strapped. But if he if he take Jones at six, I think there's going to be just a section of giants fans just going to be absolutely up in arms that Valentine from big blue. That's part of nation. Fo- big blue view on Twitter at big blue view. Okay. So what is it that the giants like more about Daniel Jones than say Dwayne Haskins because the perception from everybody else's that Haskins is the better player. I understand there is the relationship with David cut cliff who coach ally and whatnot. But what is it? The giants organizationally like more about Jones than Haskins. Well, again, we're we're sort of you know, we're sort of reading pain leaves here and piecing things together. And I think, you know, some of the cut cliff connection some of the fact that that already has a relationship with ally manning, and he's worked with ally at the passing cat Amies. And and things like that. Some of that plays into it. I, you know, it's interesting because I think that that NFL like general managers and scouts and people inside the NFL light gang Jones, a whole lot more than people outside the NFL to. And then you're you're drafting that you read on on media websites and all of that. It's interesting. It's gonna be interesting to see who who gets proven right in the long run. I think part of it to be honest. Dave cattleman is he don't give them a traditionalist. She's an older general manager, I think Daniel Jones because of his similarities to ally manning and a lot of ways. A little bit more mobile. Obviously moves a little better. He's he's obviously younger I think Daniel Jones just make the gentleman comfortable. I think the fact that he's got, you know, more experienced than a dialect cash in. I I I honestly think that it comes down to comfort level. And when you look at it at where the other places the giants are going to go after that six pick and seventeen we know quarterback and edge rusher. Two things they're looking for. But where are the other areas they need to upgrade throat this draft? If you look at it. They have to up create defensively and everybody focuses on edge rusher. But you can look all through that defense. You can look at cornerback. You can look at interior defensive line Depp. If they can find. Cover you know, that would be good if they can find a free safety to learn from Antoine buffet. That would be good. They obviously could use enough into tackle they could use a wide receiver. So there's a lot of ways that they can go, but I think that their primary focus other than other than quarterback if they choose to go that way, the primary focus has got to be in collecting some defensive talent regardless of position. Hey, Ed before we let you go. I'm interested because we saw that they signed golden Tate to that thirty seven and a half million dollar deal. They brought back sterling Shepard they made the trade in the off season for getting rid of Livia Vernon bringing in Zeitler to help out lie in that offensive line. And they say all this stuff about he li- how they still think there's a lot left in the tank to the giants believe that they're close to getting back in the postseason organizationally is our they add today think they're just. A few steps away from gang like a legitimate contender in the division. Again. I I think that they understand that. They're roster isn't what you would call a championship caliber roster at this point. I think they know what sort of hole they have. I think they're in that position where they would like to sort of Neak into tournament, you know, win nine games, maybe ten games and and sneak into the playoffs. They don't want. They don't want to be one of these. They don't wanna go three and thirteen or five and eleven every year. They don't wanna blow everything up, and and take this as in, you know, and so people were going to be terrible that, but I think they understand that they have a ways to go to get back to that that top level him. But they'd like to take like to think that if that if things go right for them. They can win nineteen and sneak into the playoffs. I think is where they really are. Are. All right. Ed. Thank you so much for the time today and have fun on Thursday night. Because I can't imagine having a better team to cover on draft night than the New York Giants with six and the seventeenth pick. And all that could happen with Dave Gettleman motive acts. It's awesome. Unpredictable in the NFL thing. No doubt about it. That's F Valentine from big blue view, it's part of being nation. Make sure to follow big blue view on Twitter at big blue.

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