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The 26 man roster for the upcoming World Cup. For the usual big names included, such as Christian Pulisic, western mckenney, giovanna and sergino dest on the biggest name left off the roster was Manchester speed goalkeepers X Stephan, who is currently on loan at Middlesbrough. The roster is his second youngest at the U.S. has ever fielded for a World Cup with an average age under 26 years old. Another big name is in jeopardy and missing the upcoming World Cup is Senegal international and Bayern Munich star sadio Manet could be out after suffering a right fibula injury in Tuesday's Bayern win over Werder Bremen. This year's bond or runner up will miss the Bundesliga giants next match versus shawka, resources saying there is a real chance Manet will not be ready for Senegal's opener versus the Netherlands on November 21st. South Korea captain sun hyun mendo says he will be ready to play in this country's World Cup opener on November 24th against Uruguay after the Tottenham star sustained a fracture around his left eye last week. Son has scored 35 goals in a 104 appearances while representing his home country. The Brooklyn Nets taking the interim tag off of coach akman with the 47 year old signing a deal through next year to be the head coach. Vaughn has led Brooklyn to a two and two record since taking over for Steve Nash on November 1st. And that's what thought to be targeting suspended Celtics coach eme udoka to replace Nash backed off due to controversies already surrounding the team. I'm Dan schwarzman that your Bloomberg world sports op aid. Markets, headlines, and breaking news 24 hours a day. At Bloomberg dot com, the Bloomberg business app and at Bloomberg quick tape. This is a Bloomberg business live. Hi everybody, 13 minutes before the top of the hour, we update markets every 15 minutes on Bloomberg radio. Oil is holding onto a three day slump. U.S. crude inventories expanded. We also have the concerns about the COVID zero policies in China, and that is hitting the market, WTI here, $85 and 83 cents a barrel. Also a downward push on equities number of factors. They're talked a little bit about some disappointment in the earnings season in the United States, exemplified most recently by Disney, tumbling 13% after its results, disappointed. We also have the midterm elections that maybe didn't go quite the way that some investors thought and then this crypto meltdown binance backing away from its takeover offer of FTX and this is hit crypto's right across the board and we saw the Justice Department word that the Justice Department would be looking into this turmoil and this comes amid a probe by the SEC. Some quick number is for you. Index futures down 1.7%, the cash market in Tokyo, the nikkei down 1.2%, the ASX down about a third of a percent cost me down one tenth of 1% and bond yields down two, yield on the tenure, 4.07%. And that's a Bloomberg update on markets. Headline news with Ed Baxter, bed. All right, thank you, Brian. Coming back to you shortly, Beijing COVID cases now are at a 5 month high. Banjo, meanwhile

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