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This message brought to you by sanford health stacy dykstra is with me else worth who is keen over keno company is a certified public accounting firm we have our roots in sheldon iowa that's where we started to lie one nineteen sixty eight about two and a half years ago we started looking at different communities where we can exp dan and we'd landed here in sioux falls keino's or typically works with business owners and we work closely held businesses so we wanna work with the businesses that are owned by families that are owned by france are own by neighbours we don't work with publicly traded companies are niche focuses army factory community banking mutual insurance it's companies agribusiness and then we work with a lot of construction contractors professional services makino's ruth we want to be always pushing ourselves to do better into better for our clients not to be on the numbers means to us it's a promise that we think to our clients our website is keen alsworth that come in that is spelled see a i am www dot com in what kitchens have lots of gadgets many of you went out and bought one of those things to media does he have sealed hi this is tim muddle kitchens and windows unlimited there's a kitchen gathered for just about everything did you know you can even by god were when you cut onions you do with all those phone gadgets answer we commend her line of cook canada reconfirmed huge radio colors and designs to create an efficient and well organized workspace you've new easy access to all your kitchen appliances and gadgets and renew counters who has gutter bizarre sherwin thurdin qantas mighty zaire's help you create.

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