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Obviously cost them their first win, and I don't think he was a big favorite of the players. So I you know, over two touchdowns, I wouldn't lay it. It is an interesting one in Miami today as the chief the Dolphins will do battle. The Dolphins are obviously a young team. On the rise not of the chief's level. However, the Dolphins do have a blitzing defense. Perhaps the best cornerback tandem in all of football. So is it possible three able to keep this game close? The Chiefs are 10 point favorites on the road. Same place. They won the Super Bowl back in February. What do you think about the chief's laying 10 today? I think it's too many. I mean, I wouldn't lay over one touchdown to be gathered there, the more talented team and they've got all the weapons, but they have been covering it all. I mean, they're just been getting by, and this is a case where I don't think Miami's often Is going to you know, have Miami Dolphins is going to be able to move the ball against the Chiefs, especially if they can get the ground game going so definitely would not lay over a touchdown with Miami so good defensively and so well coached. I'd love to know how you assess Chargers games because the charges have had big leads in many games and blown them last week at home, they could absolutely dismantled by the Patriots, 45 to nothing. And they've got a pretty plucky Falcons team now with Raheem Morris at the helm, who showed their much better with Raheem Morris, not Dan Quinn on the sidelines. And yet the charges are still a favorite in this game, a slight favorite One point favorite today at home over the Falcons. What do you do when you try to handicap Chargers games? They've been vital me all season. And to be honest, I actually thought they were gonna win beat the Patriots. So You know, I will be the first to say that I have no pulse on the Chargers. But historically, teams that gets set out that get humiliated like they did come back the next week and cover it and there's no Julio Jones. And they should be able to have a lot of passing success against the Falcons. It's hard to run against the toxins.

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