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And there's a different guy because he said the weed dealer Jason. And he goes Jason is the name of the third guy. Well, now, it's third and fourth. It's not too people. Don't. Well dates watch it. I don't accept the pitch pathetic. To one point. Okay. So. Has been missing Fred somewhere else not their Fred's there. But they're never they're together. Jason's here. Jason's not their name is Carter. Okay. Okay. When he's still the third guy. But we don't know him. He's new it doesn't matter Carter does. My hypothetical cardinal Carter whose Carter's me. We send you a photo an alert and be like, here's Carter. He is your meet up, and it's als. Al's been down. And you haven't been. So you're you're not gonna get caught off guard. You're on the app, how did you? So I'd like to have a chat with you about the business. If you want to invest in Carter's mmediately Carter imploring Carter's fired immediately. Understood the rules. Clientele and can. I'm curious how your businessmen would handle the fired Carter carbon firing part? I'm firing Carter Voss. I'm the actual bar. You of white co- LLC. Carter Ross the line working on Christmas. And they have to if Carter's fucking up. We're now I've just through a bag over your boy's head through in the back of the van, and he's also go over shouldn't be accompanying lift shouldn't be. It's like, what are you trying to say that my coke is can be murderers pathetic there, they want to rent some from the wealthy fam-. Pizza guy stabs you to debt business business espionage-related because Kohl's or real world experiences. That was that was a really long walk and used a coat. We're killing time as we need a lot of time to. Fill all night. Me price or anything. They've let surprise. I don't know. Tired you out there in the pen now rights, but it's a price per coat, and it's a derision base. I want I want normal or premium coat, and then you could go windbreaker. We also do like rainbow. The winter we all like, it's it is really helping people sneak out. But it's also like do you need a rain? Of course. Of course, have you prepared? We've got you. And so do I have to fill that in like my fantasy lineup every week. What what code? I want each day or you kinda know, you know, I think what we what we kind of do is also what I'd like to do. I can't say that we do this right now. But in Q three I'd love to start helping people like kind of design like a my wardrobe. Right, right. And I'd like to do maybe a tiered service where you're paying for like I have like four of these kinds of coats on call. Right. And like this is my wardrobe. You know, you could build your wardrobe, and it's never going to be specifically that kind of cope, and it's like I want a leather winter coat. What if I start falling in love with this coat, though? Can I buy it from you guys that out that pro rated price we? Upstate next week. And I would love this bomber co it's a real soft leather. Then there's another person who also loves to see that co in rotation. Well, I don't know if I'm boss boy. I don't know if I wanna be sharing coats, some already are already are what everytime you've ever put it on. You've shared that cope with someone. I had separate wardrobe, and you don't want other people use it made no sense, by the way, it started off with awesome clatter all Carter. I was talking about Jamie, FOX. I watched ransom van it was kidnapping and I wanted to run down a rail. I'm sorry. If you didn't enjoy it's okay. What was the question? I don't recall. I mean, listen the price. It's going to be Perko. Where can I buy the coat from you? Because I want to stay with the kid. No. Because we have a lot of your you have a code at work. But I'm a man that wants things, you know, by the co if your boss can certainly link it to you. Hint give you our exact co one. These are also. And unique pieces. Okay. We're gonna start working with stylus. We're not, you know, I'm not bringing my dad's winter coat and draping over you where the times we're hitter day like Michelin. In. We're Michelin men coat. Yeah..

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