Barack Obama, Democrat Party, Baltimore Police Department discussed on The Mark Levin Show


The witness protection programme nobody even knows where he is anymore his name never comes up i'm telling you that the frenzy defence of what's taken place here it's to protect hillary and tech obama since when has the democrat party supported law enforcement they undermine the baltimore police department they undermined the ferguson police department the nypd the la pd all of a sudden there defending the fbi and then they turn around and say why are you attacking the fbi you and i and others are defending the fbi against the rogue activity that is taking place at the most senior level leaking the leaking we already know communism laker caves leaker struck so laker pages leaker how many other leakers were coming out of the fbi which is how we knew on mark ii fifth and six of last year something was wrong we got a little bit of face information being leaked we got a little bit of stuff out of the fbi about why excuse me the new york times about wiretaps we were able to try and peace this together on your show among others and then it all now makes sense this is a massive spectacle vigorous scandal rupture in the history of this country or historian or whether it is or not i mean the facts it is listen not only do we need a special council we need a commission i was talking my wife about this friday night dershowitz mention it over the weekend he's right we need the criminal investigation and we need a policy investigation come up with what we need to do we cannot walk away from this all right so that lays the foundation and again remember not laying it to say treat workers i was first g welker as i was great g welker as i predicted i don't care about any of that i want to get to the bottom of this and you and i are going to continue to drive this with our logic you have to think like a detective you have to think like a strategist that's what we're doing here now we have a piece in the wall street journal new section to it's better now all maybe a little older but fairly new were there leaking again the fbi to protect stroke and page on this text you've been hearing about and the wall street journal doubt quainton wilbur rights text messages from 2016 show preparation debris president obama about.

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