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The news is next live from NPR news in Washington I'm korva Coleman Porter Rico governor Ricardo Rosales says he won't run for reelection the governor is facing corruption allegations and angered over text messages that surfaced demeaning women and hurricane survivors and peers Adrian Florida reports from San Juan that protesters not satisfied with the governor's statement a right after he made his announcement I I actually went out to the protest that was happening outside of the the governor's mansion and spoke with people who said that his decision not to seek reelection wasn't enough they said he had to resign now they seemed even more motivated to continue protesting because this was no longer just about the governor they told me that that the governor had become sort of a symbol of decades of corruption and in bad decisions by leaders that have gotten what the recall into all kinds of crises fiscal crises post hurricane crises and they want something new in Pierce Adrian for retail new protests are planned for today in Porter Rico delegates are attending the N. double ACP convention in Detroit today from member station W. D. ET Quinn Klinefelter reports they will hear from several leading political figures today organizers say the convention as a way to reach not just the ten thousand people attending but the black electorate in general house speaker Nancy Pelosi will address attendees and most of the major democratic presidential contenders will participate in a forum and double ACP national president Derrick Johnson says the diverse field of democratic candidates itself is a sign of the organization's success in fighting for civil rights when we don't fight for the integrity of this democracy we win and we can see the victory and the reflection of all the candidates there's a comma before the delegates at this convention president trump says he also wanted to attend but declined because of scheduling conflicts and because he did not want to engage in a question and answer session for NPR news I'm Quinn Klinefelter in Detroit Indian has launched an unmanned spacecraft to the moon NPR's Lauren Frayer reports from Mumbai that India hopes to become the fourth nation to land a probe on the lunar surface following the United States Russia and China hi four three two one zero the.

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