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Look, he texted me sexy, huh? Oh, look, it can't be edifying 10 interest in gaming bucket, checkers and a good evening to you. Desire. John Land Decker, host and creator of the Bookie check of life now heard on WGN. Yeah, Thank you. Santa 312981. 72 100 is the telephone number You have to be on the line to be on the air, as they say in the bookie Check Handbook. 312981 72 100 that telephone number And of course we have swag we have Ah, bribe We have a prize. Yes, we've stolen it from Bob Bomb Surat every morning between five and 5. 30 starts at 5 A.m.. Unbelievable anyway. During that first half hour. The first collar in get surprise, so That's what I stole. And now I'm doing it at the beginning of everybody Check to try to stimulate. I mean, look the phone 312981 72 131st caller. Will receive a fantastic prize and who doesn't want free stuff? I do. I do. I always want free stuff. I don't usually get free stuff, but I can still dream. I've been working it too many different radio stations where I couldn't qualify because, you know No employees can enter to win, but I've enjoyed watching everybody else win. Yes, I have. It's not about me winning. It's about you winning 312981 72 100. That's the telephone number to call in. And when, right now on 7 20 w G. M. That's right. Looks like we have our first caller, actually, No. Uh But, Alex, I'll explain where that came from next hour. Yeah, that's from something else that we're going to get it to you later. Somebody else happened. Torus that line in a Well, I'll get into it later. We're gonna review Ah, movie, but right now we're still waiting. Wow. 312981 72 100. That's the telephone number of first caller gets in to win something. I've got the fantasy going right now. You know that. Oh, my gosh. There's somebody people calling in all the lines are clogged. Unfortunately, that's not happening. But at any rate I can dream a man can still dream. You never want to give up your dreams. You never want to be. You never want to stop looking forward reaching towards the sky your head in the clouds reaching for the stars. Never giving up. Onward onward! Upside 312981 72 100. He said. For the nine Brandon Hello, Brandon. Hey there. How are you? Good. How you doing, Brandon? What's happening? How much not less. No. What do you do? What do you do? Brandon? What's your Claim to fame. Which your business what your daddy had to do what to do. What is it? You do what you do. Uh, you know, I just I just keep it real man. Amen. Yeah. That's really all we can.

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