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Steve Trevor lease and you, Trader Joe's as a petition saying they should remove their racist branding in packaging from its stores. The problem is the traitor means trader is a trader Joe Close. Arabian Joe. Trader. Joe San is the idea that trader Joe brings the food from around the world to your table. However, from the hill, Brianna's Bedell, 17 rising high school senior, tells The Times products are racist because they exotic size other cultures and present Joe is the default normal. Your thoughts. Gary's in Bridgewater under Jersey 1/1 0.5 I, Gary Leave. How are you? Good. How you doing? Uh, just listening to this ridiculous missed it. It's unbelievable. You could make this up, Gary, you could make it up. I You know, I'm from Bridgewater. They just opened up a trader Joe's and bitch Bridgewater. Not too long ago, right? And I shopped there. Cueto up, right? Trader. Joe's does a really good job at what they do. It's not a supermarket, but it's a market and they give you products that you can find. Another place is Les Shop writer Wegmans. Almost all of their products I see come from United Canada or Mexico, which I think is great. Yeah, What's the problem? I have never noticed anything like Jose Joe or whatever you're talking about. Who cares? I guess it just adds to the ambience. The national products such as Trader Ming's trader, Jose Trader Joe's. In other words, what they're doing is they're spinning off the name and saying that this comes from other countries, so Trader Joe's in America trader Jose would be, I guess, in Ah Latin Country, whatever it was, It's just kind of like a lighthearted thing. T be inclusive. Add to the flavour and spin off the name and suddenly that's perceived his racist. I mean, what the hell was Going on here. So I'm sure the person who wants his change never orders. Chinese food. No, your is ah Asian American food. Brianna's because they say he's a 17 year old kid is going to get into college now because he's because he got this has change, right. That's what this is that we got kids going back like the two Cubs howl middle school graduates. We went back and tried to get the name rebels changed its while. These kids thinking like this, why can't we be thinking about like positive stuff to make the world a more inclusive, better place to live than to try to keep trying to divide people? Describing words are not always racist. Exactly. Thanks for that call to New Jersey, one on 1.5. Mick is in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, one on 1.5 Mickey. Hey, Steve, How are you? I'm good. How are you? Look, I just want to make a quick comment right before you went to commercial, you said. Cos they're changing their name taken the people who, um Customers. You know, we're not going to shop there. More people probably shot during anyway. No, I mean trader Joe's is in international chain. They do pretty good. I don't think the prime Right, right. But I want to change the name. People work shopping there anyway. Oh, I got what you're saying. Yeah, I again I don't know. You know, I don't know if Brianna's Bedell shops there enough, but I don't understand why a 17 year old kid could get a company to make a change simply because they started petition where they get like 200 names or whatever. It's ridiculous. I know, I know. But we'll talk about racism real quick one year when the Colts won the Super Bowl They was like my God wanted to ball. That's great, but they had to make an announcement that this is the first black coach. To win the Super Bowl. I didn't look at that He was the black vote, and you know what they were helping. Neither. Neither did I. And I use it in my comedy act because it wasn't It was the first that this was the first time The two black head coaches coached against each other in the Super Bowl during black history Month. I'm waiting for Italian history month and I hope we get that soon, but yeah, I never thought of it either. But they had a pointed out thanks for the call The New Jersey one on 1.5 because that's the world we live in. Joe, Tom Nancy, please hang out. I'm going to give you more time Trader Joe's as to remove races, branding and packaging from its stores. I know it was even happening. They're translating the name in different languages, And this is a racial issues. The ground Dennis and Judy your workday best friends for.

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