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Guy that he was taking care of her tending to. Actually chasing. The. Okay he also saw him he heard a shot which he wasn't sure was intended for the seventeen year old. It was fired in the air where it was shot at but there was a shot that ring out. prior to the first victim going down. Okay and if you look at the first video, you can see the muzzle flash in the far left hand side of your screen. Okay. shortly after that. He said he saw the seventeen year old turn. The person that he shot through something out, them appear to be some sort of bag. Why somebody would throw an empty bag at somebody. Beats the Hell Outta me I've never seen. Somebody throwing in an empty bag at somebody. But nevertheless, I'm sure there was something in it. He. Turned the first guy that got shot. Attempted to grab the AR fifteen out of his hands. he pulled back with the are. And The guy was struggling try to disarm 'em. He fired several rounds dropping that guy. He took off and then circle back around and came back. The medic that was under that took his shirt off. That was trying to plug the holes told him to call nine one one not realizing he was he was the initial shooter. which dropped that guy. He saw the guy, the seventeen year old palatis phone make the nine one one call in shortly after that fled on foot as a crowd approached. He took off running was running down the street was being chased. One of them shoved him. Trying to tackle them I guess. As he was running, he tripped over his own feet fell on the ground. was attacked by another guy with the skateboard. Victim Number two. Who hit him with the skateboard tried to take the weapon and when he turned with the weapon pointed toward him, he tried to run at the same time that was taking place. He fired around into the guy's abdomen and I'm not sure if there were several other shots he hit him with but I know one for sure through the stomach. And other guy. which was victim number three. was approaching him with a pistol drawn. Now victim number three wasn't supposed to have a pistol by the way because he's been arrested and I think it was for I forget what all he was a risk for their long rap sheets on all these idiots. But. was approaching them with a pistol. He fired at him blowing out his BICEP. The guy went to the ground. still clutching his pistol although he couldn't move or move that movies hand. Until they were all rushed to the hospital to do A. One was Wounded pretty well. May lose his arm don't know if that happened or not. So. If all this holds true. Okay it's still self-defense. People are saying, well, he cross state. Lines. So many different. Yeah. So Number One. Number two, I heard that he had not cross state lines? Okay number three. He did not premeditate. The murder in any way shape or form for anybody. He was even carrying a medic bag. In hopes of being able to administer some sort of first aid if anybody got hurt. The boy was there to to protect a car line. Because somebody was needing. and. He's allowed to do that. People say I need help and Gordon if I needed help protecting my house and you said he'd come over and guard it. You, know you can do that. Whether you got to cross state lines or not. You know. There's nothing premeditated in the shooting. Is it a shame? You know these guys got shot? Yeah. It's a shame that anybody get shot. But You know. You gotta look at things like this. Don't. Start No. Shit won't be. No. Shit And that's good. You know and you got ANTIFA and a starting shit there's going to be. Just, like there was another man that lost his life last night. And that was flat out murder. Guy. Walked up to him and shot him. There was no self defense in that one. Was An execution Execution Exactly And I had to bring up to the forefront to also what has happened to the people that got beat to death during these protests the guy laying on the street and the crumpled mass arms legs ski all over and I I. I've heard nothing not one word about his outcome whether or not anybody was charged with his murder or if there was an assault charges against him or what about the guy from the Procession that was going down the street he got clobbered and beat to death an entirely left with the almost paralysis. And there's been others, police, officers shot. killed maimed. Everything. That's going on. I have not heard any coverage concerning these people you hear about this kid you hear about him because I think the media is trying to to disregard what the true Legalities are concerning this case everybody jumped on board with the media and said, Oh, my God he's a murderer. He is this he is that he is the face of the trump supporters and so on and so on and I I just can't buy it. I won't buy because the kid I mean I've been in enough tells in my life. From high school all the way up the bar fights to whatever you WANNA call it. When you're in those kind of situations I'm sure you guys have been to. You're not really thinking of the galaxies and you just are basically wanting to save your own, ass. Anyway that was the course that I took sometimes when I got into situations like that but be that as it may. We have to look at the legalities and if you watch the video of this kid..

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