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And again i i don't know what i don't know what negatively comes with that when you look at that logo but as i said this guy says they're denigrated as cartoon mascots i don't look at that and think denigration i don't think anything really except for that's the trial the indians they're plenty yankees tomorrow night i don't think anything more of it than the bears the lions of the tigers i don't care and obviously enough people do a dog and a story of next on the fan high doug duiker good what's up or if your thanks so i want a cookie leave out your first kota where you talked about the betting needles but you really don't understand why you the acl yeah that's true so as you said after that though every playoff game or every super bowl lifted patriots who live there and i actually went over and i looked at all nine of them they obviously lost two they lost they won the last one barry six points but that was there the role within six or less most of them all within three yeah okay so in the next step is las vegas does you can give away money did you don't give it away agreed that though they shift line five and a half and went down to four and a half so all the socalled smart money who's going on yukos that being said he who they were good that but the pictures can win the game as you said play 21 points no one knows what's gonna happen no and not seen any nazi you're you're right i mean the the the biggest does not give it away that the eagles had a tougher road to get here they took out a good minnesota team we all knew coming into.

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