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Cards some orlands motherfucker kick merle out the casino look motherfucker magic oh no coleco put out the arcade machines shaped pacman dont long and stuff and i had a couple of those to the mattel football stuff basketball some of those early super early weird ones had had mouse maze tiger i remember using the tv tuner for the game gear and that just blew my mind yeah my cousin got a turbo express which fuck man like the idea that he was buying like big tv video games played on a hand held in the like what is that nineteen ninety something anyone's good if he held the tv tuner for that also i went to i went to the hospital a lot as a kid and kind of the only thing that made it bearable was my mom getting me a game boy color and play dragon warrior monsters i various memories of play dragon warrior monster in the waiting rooms of the doctor like making the time go by and just have still to this day when i go to the doctor down in the waiting room i have like i can almost hear the music kind of coming back to me i it's it's strange how tied to memories some of those games can be sorry say last agra ford kind of more of a thinker i love to think well then brian from new york does that work has the question for you i was kidding but go ahead hi folks i recently had a conversation with a friend of mine that out how long good games are remembered and consistently discussed and dissected even after years in the decades after release this question was centered around whether or not games and film hold equal way this art forms here's a huge i i know he's a huge sinophile who plays video games and was the one suggesting that they don't he pointed out that there is no academy to hold these games to a certain standard there is for film speaking of course about the academy behind the oscars sure yeah within the industry has there ever been or is there currently any talk about forming such an institution and the kinda meat of sorts of for games that includes devs journalists executives and lord help me influence thinks andrew there isn't a kademi into the kademi of interactive arts and sciences then they run dice but also gdp does their own awards but in terms.

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