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Go Toe Vincent in Brooklyn. Hey, Vincent. Good morning Mob mob. It's obvious that Lionel didn't he has Sean Hannity and Marchal Event Interview, which judge and prosecutor Ken Starr The day off the Texas lawsuit filing to the US Supreme Court. Texas did have standing because in a normal election, the electoral corruption in each state on Lee effects those states senators or whomever is running for office in that state. But since there were only two candidates in the United States running for two position off for one position, the corruption and all those five contested states did affect taxes because the outcome affected God what went on and off throughout the whole country, let alone in Texas. And can start the day of the filing was on your on w A Y 7 10. He explained it in detail, he said it was a brilliant case. Because of that, because why should five states allowed to commit play in the electoral unconscious into shit'll fraud? And the other states will following the book, sort of speak off gonna be gypped out of their elected because of what four states did, And that was the crops off What can start and Mark Levin and other legal scholars Now I have a great respect for For all I know He's a funny guy, but Donald Trump should not go to that inauguration after the way they treated him. I don't believe so. After landing, Vincent I don't believe so because they treated this guy and his family like a dirt bag, and they shouldn't on. I hope popping his family. Stay down in Florida and give with P Should James and Andrew Cuomo, the middle finger and all these bozos in these blue states that a going broke Yeah. All right, man. Good call. Thanks for calling. I think he will. He's going to Florida tomorrow Lager when he leaves. I think you'll stay down there for a while. I know when he when he originally built Mar a Lago. There was an agreement signed with the town about all sorts of things that somewhere in there, there was a closet. He would never live there. This is a 1993 agreement. Good luck trying to enforce that for work. S so I think I'll stay there for a while. And Letitia James. Nice woman. Not so bright. Robert Mueller had a team of killer prosecutors. They went through everything. Donald Trump from his tax forms, toe everything. They couldn't find a damn thing so they couldn't find it. Letitia James is not going to find it. Let's go to David and Queens. David, would you want to say Hey, Mark. Good morning mark. When I watch these two idiots, giving these press conferences between de Blasio and his index cards and that dog's face Cuomo, the only thing that's going to stop them is of the people marching to Albany in City Hall. Dragged them out and afford them. The punishment that's reserved for all tyrants. But all right. Thanks for calling. Yeah, you know, give the Blasio credit. He's totally incompetent as a mayor, and yet he's totally incompetent. Briefing. He's a terror that both quo can be a pretty entertaining with the briefings. But terrible is governor a disaster every metric that you could use to measure his performance indicates total disaster by him. And whatever the magic of his briefings was, I think it's kind of lost. People are watching them anymore, And I kind of see three through his whole his whole act. And they're watching this guy just wipe out businesses destroyed people's lives take their jobs, their livelihood destroyed their finances. Tens of thousands of families do that right before Christmas. I think the I think people got this number now. Oh, now one of the great Christmas traditions When you come to me see the Christmas tree F A. O. Schwarz. Another one was the cafe Carlyle. Steve Tyrrell, the Christmas show. He obviously can't do it this year, but he's gonna be with us next to go and talk to him. What's gonna? Mm. I mean, asking about Dionne Warwick. She's become so hot All of a sudden, he's the guy that produced all of those hit Sir's anyway. Steve Tyrell. Next on 7 10. W O R. Let's get the latest news. Here's Joe Barton. Okay. Mark Mayor de Blasio says he accepts the results of an investigation that found deficiencies with the NYPD is handling of the George Floyd protests in the city. The Department of Investigation offered 20 recommendations. The mayor says they will be implemented so frame court says it's premature to decide whether President Trump can exclude undocumented immigrants from his senses count. That essentially allows the president to move forward while leaving the door open for future challenges. The motor. No vaccine could be approved by the FDA as soon as today, six million doses are ready to be shipped immediately. Those vaccinations could start next week. And outdoor dining is resumed in the.

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