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Michelle Small men from one of one ESPN and ST Louis is joining us to talk about on the Goodyear hotline. No. One air nado, who has joined now in a trade the ST Louis Cardinals, the Rockies are sending a Renato and $50 million, according reports to ST Louis for a host of players I haven't actually seen. The final report is to who Michelle. I assume I mean, there's probably they're very few places in America, where they care more about their local team than they do in ST Louis. So his ST Louis excited to get one of the top 5 to 10 talents in the league on the team next year. I think you nailed it when you said that. This is one of the rare places in the country where you can talk baseball 24 73, 65 and people care as much as they do, And I think a text I got this morning from a cardinal fan really describes the way people here are feeling somebody texted me this morning and said, I woke up. I went to ESPN dot com because I needed to make sure that I wasn't dreaming that this was actually real. And in fact, it is. But it was weird here in ST Louis. For a while. Fans were almost responded with the state of the team. They thought that the Cardinals were gonna remain inactive this entire off season. In the matter of 24 hours, the team goes out. They bring back Adam Wainwright. He was the best pitcher on the team last season. And is it obviously an icon and a legacy player here in San Luis, and they get the white whale. The player that favorite Cardinal fans have been lusting after for many years, and Nolan Aaron Auto, and as you mentioned, the Rockies are kicking in $50 million, and the Cardinals didn't have to give up any of their top five prospect. It's crazy. It's almost too good to be true. San Diego's on the rise. Atlanta's on the rise, The Mets are on the rise. The Dodgers of the defending champs. What is this move do for ST Louis? What in terms of the entail hierarchy where they had right now? That's a great question. And you're right as this offseason has continued on Cardinal fans were sitting by watching the Padres making love. Oh, they got you. Jarvis must be nice. All the mess. They're going to nab Francisco and door that must be nice. And even though the Cardinals had been inactive, they still had ah, pretty clear path to winning the NL Central. They run a post season last year. They were getting players back from injury, and it seemed like Could contend for the division. But you go ahead and you add someone like millenarian auto to this team. Ah, guy who clearly is going to help you defensively. He's an eight time Gold Glove winner. He's a five time all star. You know what he can do From the offense standpoint, that's your shares of your offense even more, and then we look at it. From an offensive standpoint, you're looking at potentially Dylan Carlson, who's their up and coming superstar hitting in the two hole, Paul Goldschmidt and then No. One Erin Otto. You're looking at a team that not only can clearly win the division, but definitely King content for a World Series. It seems that they're not a goddess, where she made it clear that he wanted out of Colorado. What is the divide in baseball right now between the teams that are looking to spend big and contend, and then everybody else it looks like they're willing to give up anybody and everybody. That's interesting because I think no one ever not a look at a situation where he signed that deal with Colorado, and it's clearly a place he wanted to stay. But then the team didn't build around him. And this is someone that once Too. When he's made that very clear. The situation almost has shades of the Shawn Watson in it, where he signs the deal, and then things kind of crumble around him. And there was a lot of tension between he and the Rockies front office there, general manager Just write it, but Hold out into the public, and he made it clear if I'm not going to win here. I want to win somewhere else, and ah lot of teams, especially coming off the pandemic season. Don't have the capital. You acquire a player and a contract like millionaire in auto, and that's something that the Cardinals have gone back and forth on for many years. They had wanted a Renato even before he signed that contract, But I think as the tension continue to go on the asking price evolved over time, and it seems like the cardinal to our mid market team and who are missing that gate revenue that they heavily rely on after a pandemic season. Real life the past year and that this is potentially a deal that could pull off and they went for it. So while there are teams who can't spend big, like the Met or the Dodgers, I think there are other teams like the Padres and the Cardinals that trust their core, and they see a specific opportunity and they're going to go forward as well. Obama Cardinals fan. I'm over the moon with this transaction, But I do have to ask. What's the concern level regarding the fact that Aaron Nado before time Silver slugger is entering his age 30 season and has had numbers propped up by playing it course field. He's not gonna have the luxury of 81 games at altitude anymore. I think if any other fan base were to have that question posed at them, they might be concerned. But the Cardinals have had experience with with this before Larry Walker came from Colorado seemingly did well in ST Louis, Saving with Matt Holliday. We were concerned about the numbers coming out, of course, field in the altitude even pretty well here in San Llosa's well became one of the major leaders of this team, a cornerstone of this team and won a World Series here. Wild Molinari. Natto might be a product in some ways, of course field..

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