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You find ways to include everybody in the party in some way some gary wanted more than others but we had sixty five thousand people getting stock options at the we started with one hundred and fifty we had more people playing in the pot more people making a million bucks all that that's good stuff right right it may sound crew talking about money but i think it works pretty well and it's pretty important i think so yeah yeah as better than a plaque coming up after the break welsh revisits an event he thought would get him fired from gene i blow up a factory and what he learned from that incident never kick anybody when they're down when they start to swell instead of grow lacombe when that happens but don't should somebody when they're down we'll be right back after this here's another question for the ceo of ziprecruiter ian siegal ian tell us more about when to start hiring most business owners wait too long to hire they let their business run them is the sixmonth role if you repeat a task for six months it's time to hire someone else to do it your time is better spent growing your business at ziprecruiter we help businesses find top talent so they can constantly evolve in grow well there you have it now our listeners can try ziprecruiter for free today at ziprecruiter dot com slash ceo that's ziprecruiter dot com slash ceo.

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