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They're not going. They're probably not googling. Right for the, you know, the five things about this with that. You put the content, you put it on Instagram. Do you put it on Facebook linked in everywhere into? It's a good question. So we've been very particular about the subject matter that that we put out two different channels. So you're right there. There are a lot of Airbnb, digital properties, the that they can do you. So you'll see Airbnb for work on the company blog. You'll see them on social media that you all those sorts of things. I believe they did get into a little bit of paid advertising around the content. I can't speak to that entirely. Might might tenure who's kind of over at that point, but but I believe they, I am seeing more people in the market, you know, put paid ads behind content because that's like you were saying, that's the way that you get kind of people in the in the top of the funnel, either either through organic and coming up in those searches or if need be, you know, coming up on the side there, I would think you'd have to. I don't know how many people for work would be like, hey, I wanna. What here BNB's blog looks like. Yeah, yeah. So I think pay does have to to play into that. We also included some pretty neat behavioral hooks though as we were going along. So for instance, if someone snags that first article, we follow up with a fulfilment Email, we have onscreen recommendations that are highly highly tuned to wear that who that person might be where they are within the funnel. So our next recommended articles tend to get a lot of reeds just because they're, they're very, very relevant to that person. So there are ways that you can kind of add those hopes in keep people kind of going getting them in the top of the funnel does present a challenge. And I think paid is is a smart element in that, but but there are also elements to once you get them in there to to deepen nurture that relationship to or Interster much of kind of that classic Email marketing on the beat ac- side or do they stay away from that. You know, the BNB to see sides were were a little bit a separate at the time. You know, I think Airbnb is very, they're very office over user data, which which I appreciate, right. I mean, they prize privacy and confidentiality, you know, above all end. So I think that they hadn't internally kind of figured out how this different business unit was going to work within that system. But, but now I'm sure they have it all cleared up. I mean, we were, we were finalizing funnels and all those sorts of things. So I'm fairly certain that with all the bright minds in those buildings that they figured out who to make that profitable for the BBC side too. So as far as you're kind of definition of the personas did to go through that exercise or was it okay, tell us about it was it was really interesting. So we were seeing, you know, anytime diving into personas the I wanna get kind of the high level understanding of that audience, but. Then as you dig down, it's really the differences that make up, you know how you're going to attract people. And so what we saw is there were really two types of travel managers. There were highly managed where they were in, you know, maybe they come from background of manage travel or programs, all that sort of good stuff where they're managing travel for lots and lots of people. And that's one kind of scenario. And then you have another scenario for mid size to smaller companies. Usually wear you have in executive assistant, someone who hasn't been trained in trouble whatsoever, who's kind of delegated this task right to see e. comes down and says, all right, you're doing travel now you gotta run with it..

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