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And here's rob woodfork. All right, Jenny, remember that three nothing deficit the home team had and that's fart? Yeah, that's not here anymore. Now the pitch. Swinging a ground ball to the third base line fair. Down the line. This is the sidewall. Rolls all the way into the corner. Voight is score rounding third behind him is yadiel Hernandez. He scores and in the second with a career hit. Number 2001. A two out two run double down the left field line for Nelson Cruz to give the nationals the lead here at the bottom of the 5th inning. That was a stoked Charlie slows on 1500 a.m. three of those runs came with two outs in that 5th inning and get this stat. The Nats? 19 and 13 this season when Cruz records an RBI. So for a team, 40 games below 500, really good sign, Josiah gray. Right now in line for the win thanks to those heroics, he just completed 6 innings of 5 hit three run ball with ten strikeouts on 105 pitches his night likely over after that high usage 6 innings. CJ Abrams and his Washington debut made an error among multiple Aaron throws from shortstop the first base. He's over two with the plate. The Orioles all over the Blue Jays 7 two bottom of the 5th innings or 7 to three now scoring in all but the second frame tonight, the Washington commanders returned to the practice field today, following day off after that pre season opening loss, you can check out the full practice update on WTO P dot com, but the commander's off the field narrowing down their search for a new mascot to four themes to vote on. Jenny, this is really interesting here. Okay. Historical figure that makes sense. Okay. Hog doesn't really fit with commanders, but it's not the franchise history. Okay, okay. Now it gets weird. Dog or superhero. Those are your four. Okay, I'm going for the superhero. What do you think? I would go historical figure because you say commander something. I know that makes more sense. I just like superheroes. For that matter. But should have names them something after that. Fans can vote as many times as they like through August of 21st. Rob woodfork WTO sports. Thank you, rob, the tough stories we're following for you on WTO P, the Justice Department says it does not want the FBI's rationale for the warrant to search former president

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