GM, Honda, Starbucks discussed on Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia


Buy stock at your desk not your problem trying to get the latest business news every place you have to go do you think some of the central bank to doing all that they hadn't that's your problem correction that was your problem bit of a surprise this collaboration between GM and Honda how does that affect evaluations that they're gonna be able to realize when they do try to go and sell this is good as it gets Bloomberg radio Bloomberg business that then Bloomberg radio dot com Bloomberg the world is listening the Bloomberg green business report Starbucks has a for calling back on its carbon emissions footprint the global coffee chain figures suggest adding whipped cream the millions of Starbucks drinks in its fifty times as much greenhouse gas as a company's private jet quite simply hold the milk to reduce carbon emissions Starbucks says alternative milks will be a big part of the solution made for example with plant based ingredients overall dairy products are the biggest source of carbon dioxide emissions across Starbucks operations and supply chain those are among the findings from the company's most sweeping environmental assessment by twenty thirty the cafe chain is targeting fifty percent reductions in carbon emissions water withdrawal and waste sent to landfills the task is immense Starbucks in twenty eighteen was responsible for omitting sixteen million metric tons of greenhouse gases the company has more than thirty one thousand outlets in more than eighty markets that's the Bloomberg green business report on Bob moon why do hedge funds and other alternative managers rely on Pershing for.

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