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After president Martin Van Buren seventeen after this is America in the morning I'm John trout March is women's history month correspondent Linda Kenyon looks at recent efforts in the house to make the E. R. A. an amendment we want in the constitution of the United States of America that's Jackie spear the chief sponsor of the bill passed in the house to reopen the process to add the equal rights amendment to the U. S. constitution the house voted to thirty two to one eighty three to remove the nineteen eighty two deadline for the states to ratify the ERA the amendment prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex it was first passed by Congress in nineteen seventy two and the states were given an extension until nineteen eighty two to pass it states only reach that goal in January when Virginia became the thirty eight states to ratify the amendment house speaker Nancy Pelosi is one of the amendment's strongest supporters we take a giant step toward equality for women progress for families and a stronger America house Judiciary Committee chairman Jerry Nadler is also a strong supporter this is long overdue legislation to ensure that the equal rights amendment can finally become the twenty eighth amendment to the United States constitution but removing the deadline for ratification doesn't sit well with some Republicans in the house including representative Doug Collins of Georgia Congress does not have the power to do that and Collins said the equal rights amendment was really about something else entirely why do they want it because it gives a claim to start to finish unfettered abortion house minority leader Kevin McCarthy did not support the measure quoting Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg one of America's leading champions of women's rights the time has run out it's constitutionally doesn't hold so they have to begin again that's what Ruth pater Ginsburg said as a Supreme Court justice and that's what I believe and then there's an effort by five Republican attorneys general who are seeking to block the E. R. A. saying their states rescinded their ratifications years ago with all of these road blocks in place the amendment is sure to face an uphill climb in the Senate still representative spear is not even close to giving up the fight the women of a Erica are done being second class citizens we are done being paid less for our work done being violated with impunity done being discriminated against for our pregnancies done being discriminated against simply because we are women Linda Kenyon Washington in sports men's and see a a college hoops on ranked St John's beat Creighton tenth ranked Creighton ninety one seventy one there were two other upsets number twenty three Ohio state beat number nineteen Michigan seventy seven sixty three unranked Stanford beat Colorado twenty first ranked seventy two sixty four number eleven a little full beat Virginia Tech sixty eight fifty two and at number twenty five Houston beat Cincinnati sixty eight fifty five nineteen passed the federal reserve's response to corona virus when American morning returns after these messages look around you it's a wireless world and everyone needs a great pair of wireless ear buds so go with ray cons ray Khan started about half the price of any other premium wireless ear buds on the market and.

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