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And look there is no doubt there is absolutely no doubt that this is a major scandal inside of the bureau requiring top to bottom review but we also had bob goodlatte chairman of the judiciary committee talking with michael horowitz about this cut number ten either the department of justice nor the fbi are mentioned in the constitution however each institution has engaged in repeated stonewalling of congress's constitutionally mandated oversight the infamous texts from peter struck saying we will stop president trump from taking office which we received on the day of your report's release is a prime example this tax was revealed late in your interview as well as i understand do you believe this text shows political bias i think as we found it clearly shows a by state of mind and if so do you believe the political bias shown by this text had an effect on the initiation of the russia investigation i think is you know mr chairman that's a matter we've got under review and are looking at right now more more to be determined on that were to be determined but the the time proximity as mr gowdy pointed out is significant correct you were an assistant united states attorney for eight years is that correct in that time did you ever charge any espionage act case or case under section look what everything is getting to is that the fixtures in andrew mccarthy has a piece over national review the fixtures and for secretary clinton the fix was in descru donald trump everybody now knows that that does not mean you fire muller muller is going to come to the same conclusion because you good prosecutor right i have a i really want people to focus on this that the border crisis and the separation of children are obscuring what is the most important revelation the i g report that was widespread corruption in the investigation of hillary clinton and widespread corruption into the initiation of the russia investigation we still haven't got the report on the ladder but donald trump is stepping on the story most important to his presidency i just i wish someone at the white house would tell him to to direct the attorney general to leave zero tolerance policy behind on mitch mcconnell brings forward the bill that will go to unanimous consent and go to the house and focus on the report like a laser more tray gouty back the cut number fourteen but that leads us to the one thing we did not see jim call me do which was take any steps to spur the appointment of special counsel and the hillary clinton investigation when he lost confidence in the.

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