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Sorry just recovering from the pot fast yesterday the smoke is still kind of lingering in just see the front page of the denver post probably not but this was party central downtown i guess in the rain and the sleet and what an embarrassment it is to me just personally someone who very familiar with the usage of marijuana the very young age i get it don't like it but now it's front page news the joint is jumping that's the headline on the failing and dialing dying denver post and i don't know i i understand i'm i'm more libertarian i'm a constitutional conservative those are the labels i like to use but i certainly lean libertarian on people making their own decisions but i'm sure sorry colorado decided to make it legal to make this spectacle out of more mind altering substances and i don't think it's playing out very well the damage on the roads people driving when they're stoned the laziness the health consequences especially the impact on young people and young people's brains and then of course the fact that with really young people high school aged kids middle school age kids seeing it as something that's now supported and accepted by society just a bad bad move but man there's so much more to talk about the net today it's just unbelievable what you guys do while i'm out of town what in the heck is going on today is a very important day in the fight for your right your god given natural right to win this battle over local state and federal governments infringement of your ability to protect yourself your family your community your.

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