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Good with if it wasn't for the sports i would probably cancel direct tv the satellitebased version because i can easily save a lot of money because in one month i'd save enough to buy like the six shows at the the girls watch on the cw so in one month they would pay for that and then the next month would be gravy if you will and then there's a couple of shows that i watch on discovery and you know some of the gold rush as i could also by those on i tunes and not have to deal with it as far sports go yeah i could probably use fox sports west for the for the for the la kings and the ducks and then uh or i could buy even the nhl package the interesting thing is the nhl package on the apple tv has higher quality than watching the nhl games on direct tv now so i can get that high quality and if the nfl ever went two up a streaming version that wasn't tied to direct tv i that would probably be the last piece of the puzzle for me to do because i've been watch notre dame games on the nbc sports network app and looked at it look pretty good so that's kind of like leaving with directtv now for about a year that's my summary at this point i guess cool all right so uh yeah you can a lot on the show you getting some tips you getting a like a adhoc review and also a little moon islamic states that yeah all right so netflixing here's a little financial news for you surged after a blowout quarter vow vaulting passed a hundred billion in market value for the first time to put its video service on the lofty perch with the likes of goldman sachs and qualcomm netflixing added 24 million customers in 2017 bringing as global total to one hundred seventeen point six million fourthquarter sales grew by a third to three point two nine billion the company said while earnings almost tripled from the year prior to forty one cents meeting estimates net flexible plough all of that and more into new tv shows and movies the company said it will spend as much as eight billion on programming this year and they das disclose at on monday that it will shell out another 2 billion for marketing.

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