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Joint pain slow reflexes so for doing orthopedic test on a page we can test their reflexes and we know it's normal we know what's hyperactive and what's hype active so get hyperactive could be other things too but when we what we do is my team of doctors what what we're like Sherlock Holmes for investigators and we're always looking to see where the problem is we're gonna look at okay well you know Dr Pam found this and that will bring in doctor rainy and say doctor Amy what do you think of this and she'll say okay well with this in this together that's what it might be a doctor cap we have heard that we have doctor Ryan we have doctor Irwin and we can ask the doctors we ask of all time because what do you think this is this is the list the symptoms that we have so in our office you don't get one doctor you get six doctors doctor martini comes in and we talk to him about it so the six of us all working on your case at one time and so between us we can usually you know put together a good working diagnosis so are there other symptoms that begins it could be suggestive underactive thyroid the more the symptoms you have the higher the likelihood of hypothyroidism low thyroid at Mayo Clinic notes that if the disease is left untreated it may lead to other health complications such as going there which is the swollen thyroid gland increased risk of heart disease infertility birth defects for pregnant women damage of peripheral nerves as chiropractors were always looking at the nervous system so if you have if you start having numbness or tingling usually a pensioner in fact most pain in the back by far the most common cause of pain is epic German that's a chiropractic case chiropractic is by far the most effective least expensive treatment for back pain there is no reason why if you have back pain unless you lost your ballot bladder control you're screaming in pain that you shouldn't be in our offices first and so many times people go to all these other doctors and also the treatment end up in our office and a daca well at all this time all this money and now it turns out it was a pinched nerve is chiropractic case all along not every case is a chiropractic case but not every case the circle case either the surgeons I work with they say they operate about five to six percent of the patients the other ninety five percent or so that patients are not surgical cases so don't jump right into surgery don't jump right into something let's start out simple let's see if we can work it up from there and it's a heck of a lot less expensive for you to look at a lot of side effects of but that we talk about other things that happen if you do have hypothyroidism increase severity to mental health problems such as depression hype aside to retirees and can lead to cardio genic shock respiratory depression hype hypothermia and even Coleman so the thyroid gland is really important so if you have the symptoms you might want to say okay what is it and sometimes it's an adrenal issue sometimes it's a diet issue I put people on super greens an essential source all the time every day and people say oh my gosh doctor gel I have so much more energy just by taking super greens an essential source maybe it was a thyroid problem maybe you are low in iodine maybe that's the reason you have energy now maybe you just need some nutrients in your body maybe gonna try to drill support we've got to get you off the bad food I was laughing somebody I saw a meme the other day you know we're worried about a virus that we don't know a whole lot about yet was serving fried doughnuts with chicken in the middle of fry doughnut chicken sandwiches now and I thought yeah that's probably said we should be more worried about I have to agree with that so I'm so if you have a hyperactive thyroid any of those symptoms it could be a thyroid issue now we can do without road test in our office and it's a good starting point but it's get it's not the end all be all thyroid is a little tricky and all endocrine gland all hormone issues are tricky and Saudi endocrinologist that I work with we all agree sometimes it's really tricky but why don't we try to get the body as healthy as we possibly can let's get on a good diet let's take supplements let's reduce stress let's reduce pain and let's.

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