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This. That's true. Maybe she has amnesia. That's always a possibility. Like the the getting shot destroyed her memory. Then you've been quiet during all this insanity. Like any thoughts on this? I love this Martha idea so much because it is so out there. And I I would this is one of those things that would be a legendary moment in comic book movie history. We would still be talking about this and and having huge arguments over it. And I kind of love the idea of like, so, you know, sack Snyder as as a misguided as he can be sometimes this reminds me a little bit of like the old superman fly by concept where it's just like it changes. What we know your character talking about the script that Jj Abrams road that eventually like the big third act reveal was that lex Luther was also from krypton. Yes. Yes. And so, you know, something like that would change what we know so fundamentally about these characters that I would find it really really interesting. You know? Say what you will about it. But the way that Snyder could've used this twist to play with the dynamic between Batman and superman would have been something that we've never seen before. And I, you know in a world where we're seeing a lot of sort of literal adaptations of stuff in like, sometimes we sort of feel like we know what the movie is going to be before it even comes out something like that would have certainly like flipped the table on on what we know about that man and superman, so I kind of wish he would have done that. But yeah, I I guess alas. It was not to be Jacob say what you will about the logic of this idea. But at least it would be a more reasonable moment than them bonding over the fact that their mothers are both named the same name. This is why you don't take a piece accomplished trivia and make into a large plot point in two hundred million dollar movie. It's bad from the outset. Nothing here works and all that just makes me very sad. Okay. We have a lot of stuff to talk about jerk appeals us if you have not seen journey pills us, go. See it. I think we can all agree that something that you should see in the theater we recorded in episode on Friday spoiler discussion, where Jakopin Ben in Brad all outlined their interpretations of the movie, go listen to that. It's a I think it's one of our best episodes, but someone who was not on that po-. So if you're still listening to you haven't seen us, this is your fault. You've been warned there's massive spoilers coming up. But that said someone who wasn't on that podcast was Chris Chris had not seen the movie at that point. Chris you have now seen the movie. What did you think? I loved it. I love us seeing us felt like, you know, a confirmation of like everything everyone said about Jordan Peele as a filmmaker like after after get out came out, and it was so fantastic. And there was the sense..

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