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Longer term trend we did sing of course going from bricks to clicks I just be online category I mean honestly I don't know why people go to regular retail stores I can't I can't I can't quite figure it out I AB do you have going to many retail stores this this season or did you actually order most of it online I did it a bit of a combination because it was super busy after Christmas so I ran out of time and spent one evening just on Amazon just bang bang bang bang bang bang or ordering stuff and then shipping it because I traveled for Chris right and and then the day before Christmas we went to the stores and picked up some last minute yes when the crowds well I was in in California I was actually I was in Oregon and we were like pulling in and going here's a great parking spot like do you realize it would take it as forty five minutes are you spot in LA at least yeah well you know I I enforce the dealt with the problem of delays on some of my gifts now the Amazon dot com gift all landed on time but I ordered from some smaller retailers that word that got me with click bait you know like I don't want I think yes hasn't arrived yet so I don't wanna out it but it was it was a very like cool custom made gift and the Ricky Taylor promised that they have a to me before Christmas and they did so do you get a refund well I haven't gone nuclear on them yet I just want my gift because yeah I'm thinking Christmas is now more of like a a multi day thing it's a celebration of gifts over a period of time because the Amazon angels you know can get stuck in the weather on the fifteen so anyway I'm I'm good at well what is it was a four my parents yeah so I figure they'll they'll be where it's all about where can be tough as if everybody's flying in a you don't see a very much my parents live here include so I just walking over in Santa will come by but that yeah I could see if everybody's flying in he had one event give everybody their guests that could be you know I also be doing I deliver I just have Amazon whoever I'm deliver just send the gift ahead of time to the person I want to give it to sign up the lug gifts around descended directly to their house is that lazy now maybe okay are you wouldn't know it says it that it doesn't get wrapped really pretty like we we did have a couple of gifts at my house or my nephew gave it you know give us something and he was like here and it came in an Amazon box is that okay could you at least put a bow on it right but here's where your assumption is wrong with me you're assuming that if I had time that I could wrap it pretty myself I can't I don't have those skills I used to be the guy who will go to the mall and have the professional rappers rap my gifts because mine is hideous so just be able to click the little gift but not Amazon at least having a little pouch or something is is leveling up so I don't have to go to the mall well here's a secret even if it's not beautifully wrapped people don't care they appreciate the effort and my brother was he did a lot of you how much I like you have this rain like gift wrapping well but my brother's the same way he's like I'm so sorry I'm so sorry and like you put the effort into it and everybody hates wrapping right thank you for effort into it you get points that's true well and he looks back spenders are continuing to spend three point four percent growth over twenty eighteen I mean that's significant and to me what it tells me is when I eat I can't help but take every economic indicator and plug it into my forecasting internal model for what's gonna happen to Donald Trump and twenty twenty and what did your mother tell you well here's what it is if you've got all of these indicators you got booming booming stock market the S. and P. five hundred rising nearly thirty percent last year you've got holiday sales shooting through the roof and what that tells you about holiday sales is the consumers are feeling optimistic not just now but about twenty twenty their economic prospects going to twenty twenty because if you think you're gonna be laid off or your economic circumstance will be worse net in twenty twenty than it is now you don't spend quite as much in the holidays so all of these factors and then of course I wrap it around some polling numbers I liked it we track public pollsters tractors I track it internally for my clients its president trump's job approval as it ranks on the economy and consistently trump has been hovering in the high forties but in the last few months trump is at fifty two percent approve forty one percent disapprove on the handling of the economy is that enough so I mean with the economy as good as it is yeah fifty two percent is a much fair point any other president in any other political climate with these kind of economic numbers would be sitting at the high fifties right now but in this polarized climate the fact that trump said fifty two is actually remarkable to get to fifty two and this is a looking nationwide this isn't just a the keylex coral states this is broader public opinion that means a lot of Democrats had to say that he did that they approve of his of his handling on on the economy if he hangs at fifty two if it that's able to not settle out from gets reelected it's almost that simple will get into later in the show Michael Moore yes that Michael Moore even agrees now he's not up he's not a political scientists is not a pollster but he doesn't want to give trump any credit where he doesn't have to and even he can't seem to deny trumps reelection prospects so are you look the the economic numbers spending numbers all these things are so exciting for me going in and not just politically just it I'm optimistic quite frankly for the country then I think the good times are gonna role at least for lease for another few months now course we look at California and we'll get into it with the latest Senate bill five that's the gig economy bill California can't seem to help but rain on my parade by making it ever so more difficult for small businesses to thrive and start we'll get into that but even with all that said your Connie overall is on the upswing and that the numbers are the numbers work what can I say here so coming up we're gonna get into coca Cola is it a little bit of controversy today they there are rumors that they're gonna be offering a cannabis drink now they deny it but I'll let you decide I'm John Thomas filling in for Gerry and Shannon course on KFI am six forty live everywhere and I her radio app ET king you've.

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