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He's out the former number two man at the fbi andrew mccabe has been fired the attorney general jeff sessions made the call late tonight the action comes to as before mccabe turns fifty and would have been eligible for early retirement benefits he was accused of misleading investigators he says that is wrong lots of white house push back today to the many reports that some staffers including the chief of staff in the national security adviser as well some cabinet secretaries are heading out the door chief of staff john kelly told many top staffers they are safe for now he didn't think it was life or death but a state of florida engineer did express concern about cracks he saw on that pedestrian bridge that collapsed yesterday the florida state department of transportation says the engineer left a voice mail to a colleague on tuesday but it wasn't hurt until today because that worker was out of the office we'd while the hunt continues for more victims believed to be under the rebel the confirmed death tolls six i'm rich johnson and i'm charlie pellett at bloomberg world headquarters a down week up friday stocks closed higher for the first time all week as traders digested positive factory output and consumer sentiment reports ahead of next week's federal reserve meeting the s and p five hundred index broke out of the longest slump of the year led by energy stocks is texas crude oil spiked above sixty two dollars a barrel investors are also keeping an eye on washington mark avalon is the president of potomac wealth advisors donald trump is new phenomenon and he's adding so much uncertainty and so much change that this side show could actually start to cause some concern at some point and lots of economic data housing starts are down but not out with more here's bloomberg's vinny del jude is blame it on the reversal in apartment construction which cast a shadow on rising single family projects housing starts dropped seven percent in february to a one point two four million pace they roy oh some on thoroughly or three or four regions posted declines last month only the mid west saw gain at the same time housing completions nationwide roasted the highest in ten years vinny del giudice bloomberg radio reaction from neela richardson chief economist at redfin there is a little bit of.

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