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Welcome back to the PODCAST. This this is which exists. The name is escaping me right now as my own name. I am floating amorphous in a jar. Appear thought right now completely lost and untethered from the reality that normally binds me Sophie. What what are we doing? Who Am I you are the only Robert Evans and this is behind the bastards. And we're here with Billy Wayne Davis Anderson. Dogged thank you. I was lost in the Phantom Zone but now I feel grounded and ready to talk about Harry. Hawks goodness still kicking. He's still he's speaking of kick and billy how are you doing? I'm good I'm good. I got some gatorade. And a pop tart. Yeah well that sounds like the necessary equipment. Well let's let's tear back into this dirty paper sack of history. The American medical establishment was still quite new in the nineteen fifties and at first it did not have one stray. Fuck of an idea about what to do to stop Harry Haughey The men of the AMA were studious and learned but they thought like children of the early. Nineteen hundreds and Harry Haughey thought like twenty-first-century drifter this is a guy who has like using the same. Playbook is Alex Jones and like you know Mike Adams of natural news but he's using it in like fucking nineteen fifty. He's he's just so far ahead of these people that it takes them a long time to figure out like how to actually combat his particular brand of bullshit hockey sent copies of his new Ido. Biography to every senator and representative in the United States and he also started talking about running for governor. He expanded his touring two members of other fringe groups who hated the Ama and the FDA his chief ally in this was Gerald. Be Win Rod. If you ever heard of Jeremy Win Rod Billy. No. I'm excited. We're probably going to have to talk about your. Ob Win Rod in detail at some point but the short of it is. He was an evangelical preacher from Kansas. Hail Rod Yeah. He's the sort of person we talk about every single time we do in early twentieth century. United States episode. He's kind of in the same vein as Father Coughlin. Both men are like aggressive religious fundamentalists who either tip right up to or go right past. The Line of explicitly endorsing fascism in the United States. And Win. Rod is a past the line. Kinda Guy He'd run for Senate back in. Nineteen thirty eight on a platform of I found a Master's thesis from Bethel College From a pseudonym James Schmidt who discusses what his platform was and I think that's going to do a better job of walking you through this guy's political ideology than than than I could do so I'm going to quote from that now using radio station W. I. B. W. in Topeka Win Rod Broadcast Program of reform his seven point proposal called for Defensive Constitutional Democracy Against Communism and Fascism reconstitution of the national character rigid observance of states rights to combat the growing federal bureaucracy absolute neutrality in foreign policy return of control of the monetary system from the Federal Reserve Board to Congress repeal of the new deal labor and business legislation and an attitude on the part of the national government that will inspire confidence in order to encourage the controllers of private capital to create honest jobs wouldn't read also sent mass mailings using Dr John. Are Brinkley's one hundred and fifty thousand name mailing list and drove in a car equipped with the speaker taking his message directly to Kansas voters however because of the apparent antisemitism and near support for Hitler's Anti Jewish policies of his previous speeches and publications numerous Canton's oppose diskette at the Hiller and We know he opposes fascism. He's just also an isolationist doesn't think we should do anything about Hitler. And also Hitler's Kinda right about the Jews win rod yet. It's yeah what I also said on the loudspeaker car. I'm against Fascism. But we shouldn't fight. Fascism by fighting it and also the fascists are right about the racist things they say and the way they run the government and the way they run the government. I actually am pretty okay with fascism. Oh I meant yeah no. I thought you said something else. I like fascism. Yeah I thought you were saying like fish oil and I am not okay win. Ran Talk No rap. No no now win. Rod had actually visited Nazi Germany. Back in one thousand nine hundred thirty four and he hadn't exactly but unhappy about what he'd seen there when he lost his election. The vast majority of the votes that he got came from parts of Kansas traditionally considered to be clan stronghold which is gonna get started. They have interesting ideas about what can be done with bedsheets to put it mildly. Yeah looks like he won boss. Hogg County Look. Oh Lord So yeah he wound up. Being charged with sedition in the mid nineteen forties for having quote feloniously unknowingly conspired combined confederated and agreed with each other and with officials of the government of the German Reich and leaders and members of the Nazi party. Yeah I do look I'm not. I'm against Fascism. But I like some fascists. I like all of the fascist. I think we should do what they've done here. But I am not in favor of fascist. I am a member of fascism but I'm against it from the standpoint that is manager Yes yes one of the fun. Bits of little history here. Is that when Rod was? Actually the model for Buzz Win Drip. The fictional American fewer cooked up by Sinclair Lewis for his book. It can't happen here So that's neat. While yeah he's that guy that's me he wrote and he winds up working with Harry Hawks see after war. Yeah yeah after. The war has trial sedition trial ends on a technicality because the judge dice. Yeah I think the universe has the best sense of humor. If we're being it's very funny. It's one an objective sense that I mean purely objective like not being a part of it and being fucked by lunch. Sucks but yeah. That's what this podcast proves. More than anything is the is is funny later. It's it's it's funny in the what's the name of the guy. He played a parrot in fucking Aladdin. God He's it's funny in the same way that Gilbert Godfried set right after nine eleven was funny like it's it is actually very funny but everybody gets really angry. Yes that's the that's universes sense of Godfrey making a nine eleven jokes later. It's ailing timing. And and slamming at home. Yes but just really pissing. Everyone on the inside. I won't have to go to the bathroom so I can laugh at this but I don't want anyone to see me laughing so far. This is definition of funny. What he did there but people are going to be mad and they're mad they're mad a new it. Yeah yeah that is the death. Yes that is the definition. The I learned a lot from him. Which is why I decided not to open this episode with what's Corona Ing my viruses. Just figured that I would have loved that you read Roberts tweet where sixty thousand people died of the flu last year. So I don't think freaked the fuck out just yet. I think they might be using it to see how well they can control cities and shit. I'M NOT GONNA get into conspiracy talking here but I do think that like I I think if you are for example Someone very close to me as a Chinese citizen and has family over there and there it credibly worried and it's a very scary time. You're not like a friend of mine is going over to Europe and was worried. You'RE NOT GONNA YOU'RE NOT GONNA GET CORONA virus. You'll be fine. You will be okay. This is not something to freak out about you anyway. That's very much outside of the Ala. Ala We'd in conspiracy. So I do. I do like Weeden conspiracies and I would love to. I don't know there's we'll hang out. We'll do an IT could happen here. Season talk about. Here's what billy we'll not have. Billy says it could happen here. That's season two billion ten. Pm Says Yeah. We'll watch like one episode of the x files. I but not like one of the not like one of the the mythology ones like one of the ones like I don't know D- like monster of the week ones. Yes yeah yeah those are the ones. I'll get bored with the rest of this this year. It just gets to it gets to anyway. I like a Yeti I want I want Yetis Mothman. You know that's all they want. Fbi Agents Fighting Mothman. I would agree to increase the FBI's budget if they would agree to only Fight Mothman but alas I think you just anyway don't say that to the wrong FBI agent. He's like that's how we're going to get. That's more. I feel like every honest. Fbi Agent Would Much Rather Be Fighting Mothman but without a doubt yes because they all grew up watching Fox mulder. We know it. Yeah that's just the way it is. Yeah you get in the FBI do patterns and Shit. No you WANNA get to shoot it. A Mothman in Rural Oregon. That's why you're the sweats. Evermore slowly all what. That's what that's what we all really want at the end of the day.

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