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The steroid guys you know A warrior kind of guy who their mindset is so tied to their look that when they see themselves you know one of those icy lexa tv and And i would even bo companies and he knew us bullshit but for a second there he would he would really have been relaxed a little bit and sell for my of bullshit. I seem all time to say. Hey manny are you feeling alright yeah remain. Oh nothing really. What do you mean. Look the flu or something lost. Wait another weight off and that was bothering of course. There are so dependent on their look because they knew that they weren't that great bell to bell. They weren't great enough build a bell To you know There weren't built a bell to just let that that work be foundation of your your career. Because now they're looking at. They're looking at their. Their physique is so much a part of presentation and a lot of guys. They come off the stock the sauce. They lost a lot of confidence. They they thought they lost their ace in the hole will be the greatest worker a might not be a funk or briscoe or some of that stuff flare shawn michaels. But and that era but at least so when they go off the sauce they still look good. Conrad you and i would take lex. Leadership zeke off right now. Yeah if i had this zeke. I would not even i do the show shirtless. Yeah pantheon yeah he just be down at the pool all day flexible. Yeah that's silly. So i think that the steroids has a as a multiple can have multiple facets to your to your psyche I know a lot of guys that want to rationalize and say well. I do the steroids. I've done the steroids or recovery. And i'll say okay. I'll i'll i'll go out on a limb here and give you that but let's be realistic. You're doing steroids. Because it makes you look now. How helps you recover. And i think that this event saw lex you know he's he wasn't the same head-turner smaller sized downsize. Lex luger was not as impressive. Welcome to the airport as a bigger lecture if that makes any sense yeah so i think that's kind of where that that's that's for. That story kind of comes together. Sort of steroid. Circuits are personally. I'm not against roy's if you wanna you if you're under doctor's care and you're getting all your blood work done and you're adhering to the medical practices this you're being managed by dr have added but Other than that You know if you're self medicating on anything that's wrong. And if you're using steroids as if i just got on the gas i could get over. Total bullshit. I guess i'll get over total bullshit. I've always believed that but at the same time. Sounds like a american politician I believe that If they're property managed and under doctor's care it's not the end of the earth. It's okay you can admit you're skeptical about mock commercials about save with conrad.

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