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So in a sense, the way that the pocket passer played was an evolution of the game. I mean, the West Coast offense was an evolution of the game, right? And then you saw more and more people. Lean on the down the field passing game. That was an evolution of the game. So in many ways, the explosion off the pocket passer was a result of the game, evolving from A ground and pound style. Now you get to the next step of that evolution. Where is the guy who is the pocket passer can also move out of the pocket. Now he could do the same things that the pocket passers traditionally did. But he's adding another skill set to it. So that is the evolution. I don't think you devolve from that point away from that skill set being an important part of things. Go to Todd in Tampa Bay. Todd, you're up next here on CBS Sports Radio. What's up? Top? What's going on, Boss do Well, how are you? Outstanding? Outstanding. Praise The Lord. Listen, let's get down to business here in my pocket. In years we got our first victory was breaking And let me say something. Here. There we go to Denver. This must win game for us. Okay? No. Von Miller just Driscoll. This is a must win game. Okay. Last week, the coaching staff listened. And they had Max protection. We need Max protection again. Brady was a sack last week at all He hit guys in the hands of the ends are hit. They had six drop past had won that game 48 20. We would let him back in the game. So Brady throwing strikes on darts all over the field? Because we're giving him time to throw the football. Finally, the coaching staff drawn better studying and block, Okay, I don't I don't give a damn if you don't catch any passes, Okay, Great. He's gotta be staying throwing strikes all over the field. We haven't seen that in years. Okay? We haven't been to the playoffs in 13 years. Bulls on Mr Seacrest unleashing early. We had 45 turnovers over there. We recover tomorrow. Because the defense expected Turner. We finally take the field. We're finally proved we can We could do something and kick a field goal and put it through the uprights. So this team is on is on the right here. I don't know The answer to your question. Pocket passer or running or more quarterback doesn't get me all I care about his campus. They putting up doubloons and Brady's master of putting up w go ahead. I'll answer any questions. You know I can't I can't argue with that. I was just like the pro wrestling furlough you cut just now. You know, Tampa Bay bucket and give me one. Give me like a sign off line or a sign off phrase or something like that. I'll tell you. What was the sign ofthe raises this bucket here? Find a way. Okay, It may not be pretty, but at the end of the day when we leave Denver we're coming home on a on a happy note, and we'll put a W up on the port and cancel today's return because of raised and lightning are getting it done, piece man. Whoa! Appreciate the moment. I like that. I like that energy early on this Saturday morning. But and I probably have been too harsh on Brady. I really have cause Of what he's accomplished in his career. But I can't help how I feel about it. You know when I'm watching the you know, And that was my entry point to this conversation was that opener between breeze and Brady going back and forth, considering with those two guys have accomplished throughout their career, 855 to 124227855. 212 For 2 to 7. You can also get at me at Robin Lundberg on Twitter. That's r O b I n l u n d b E R G ah, Roberto Rodriguez Tweets and I live in Houston in the discussion on the radio I heard was is to Shawn Watson regressing since that amazing rookie season. Look, I I've never quite put Shawn Watson in the same class as Wilson or Mahomes or or even Jackson now, but I don't think Sean Watson's really regressing. I think He's a pretty good quarterback. I just think that the situation around him has regressed a little bit. I mean, they were in the playoffs last year, they were up 24 Nothing on the Chiefs. Last year, but there's been a lot of turmoil around him and turnover around him in Houston, and I just don't love the support system there so much. Let's go to Chris in Birmingham, Alabama. Chris, You're up next here on CBS Sports Radio. What's going on, Chris? Thanks for having the rabble number. I will give my opinion on it. Um, I feel you've been pretty much any quarterback on this week. Um, I don't live like cattle like categorize say that. Total back. Ah, dime breed of any kind of I mean, I'm like I'm seeing in the sense of light. Like you have a quarterback inability to stand place, but you never go. They did one president feel like multiple asset protection that no like a quarterback and throw a bottle in the kitchen, so I mean, you know, I mean hand block was I mean, Can I wear seat is well, Robin ese. I see that. Ah, there you have a tendency to put quarterbacks on a very high pedal still compared to other positions on the field. It is and this is what we could be like the most. The most most best, the most important position in team. I mean, will be, but we can't say like that, who snaps the ball to Miz reports. Think of that canned also snap it off from them in his off constantly, I mean, We can't even begin play without its growing up. So I mean, like, I think about it like we can name Crash, One of the Greg Cubes would became name. It became well, fabric enable these five would be while I'm in office a little while back then you would not end in the game right now in the nine days and And they don't even give him next year and we still can't give them announce me and also love her like is it like Reason what quarterbacks so good and get past that much? The epic so can't like the defense And nowadays they think, thank you thinking this is a bit pigeonholed because they get called for their calls or If you hit a quarterback on the top of the head when he stands like Got any bail intestine so I mean, if you have to honestly take into account like they have been looking all cases point. Uh, obviously let mama saint Saint ex. I believe I can win with a quarterback, not just new vendors, debris..

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