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Deserve a compassionate guide Denise Eaton may as a Hayward based lawyer who over three decades has helped employers employees and businesses and families dealing with the state issues she's knowledgeable discreet and experienced for a confidential consultation call five one oh two four four thirty three oh seven or visit D. E. M. legal eagle dot com that's five one oh two four four thirty three oh seven or D. E. M. legal eagle dot com for a confidential consultation with Denise Eaton may protecting your workplace and your business the jeep celebration event is here which means a great deal on the S. U. V. is built to stand the test of time are waiting before time runs out right now during ten days to do financing at five thousand two hundred fifty dollars total cash allowance in the purchase of a twenty nineteen jeep renegade latitude jeep celebration event today financing for qualified buyers across the capital not all buyers will qualify residency restrictions apply to delivery from dealer stock by three eighteen twenty twenty jeep is a registered trademark hello this is mark Thompson show I'm KGO eight ten you can now listen at home by simply saying Alexa play KGO eight ten now here's mark Thompson.

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