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Our thanks to Dan Girardi who gave his blood sweat sweat and tears for thirteen years in the NHL. And you know we've been talking about this week in the NHL. What's up blood and sweat a bit? It's it's it's. It's been a nasty week my friend Greg and just as we started recording this podcast we got news that Garnet Hathaway of the Washington capitals has been suspended for three games aimed for spitting on Erica Branson and before we get into this I have to say I've been triggered all week because in my career high school field hockey player. I was pretty good my team. It was pretty good I had a lot of shoving and physicality in the play but nothing scarred me more than when we were playing leave it was God Bergen County school and a girl gave me a wet willy and I was just disgusted with the biggest violation of my personal space. It was the nastiest thing that ever happened to me. I don't think I've ever gotten over it to this day. And so all I have to say is spit. Is it a disgusting thing now if she had a punched you in the face rather than that would that have scarred you or just the wet Willie. No that's what I'm saying like. I had black eyes from the sport I have you know rashes and Burns of turf on my leg and this is the thing that sticks with me some ten years later. So here's the situation and in this just came down as we were doing the podcast as you know. Washington capitals forward Garnett. Hathaway away was given a match penalty for a spitting incident involving Anaheim Anaheim defenseman. Eric Could Branson he could Branson punched in the face. And hathaway came back by spitting on him and Hathaway Waigel spent a huge water. Spit to Hathaway's as credit hathaway's credit. He came clean with the spit. He said look at me. I did a bad thing thing. I shouldn't have done it. I spit on him. There wasn't any semantics I was just trying to talk to him and a big water spill came out. I wasn't a an intentional does he. He lived up to it. And that's that's great and all the ducks were very upset. My God spitting. Oh Geez at a front of the game. Worst thing I've ever seen. How dare? Oh he spit. This is a game where people skate around for sixty minutes hitting each other in the mouth of the stick. Remember that for a second Garnett hathaway through the NHL's VP. Of Hockey operations. Colin Campbell. Who yesterday yesterday in after the? GM meetings explained that it's a good thing that it wasn't a spit against an official because that would be a real a real punishment still ends up giving guard hathaway a three game suspension for spitting out another player. Three game suspension for spitting on another another flare three regular-season Hockey Games for spitting on another flare. Yeah it's Nasty Greg. Colin Campbell was asked yesterday by Campbell the relation of the hockey news and can kind of you know said it in a in a bit of a serious way and then Colin coli kind of Played it off in a joking way. He asked him how is a bit different the Olympic. And it's kind of ridiculous debate to have but I guess one that's worth having when you think about a guy running around licking people in the play offs not even getting a single game not even getting a fine. I don't believe believe it. He marchant did he. Just gets you warnings you just got to talking to you. Talking to a player spits under the guy he gets three game MHM suspension now. I'm not saying that one guy scores thirty goals and the other guys Garnett Hathaway who many people even it was in the the league. But that's what it is and I I cannot comprehend how somebody gets three games in a league where guys his elbow each other punch each other sticky other trip each other board each other cripple each other and don't get three games for it. I don't WanNa be that guy that compares player your safety to hockey operations but I'll be that guy it makes us league look like a joke an absolute joke. Do this three games for a Spitz pitch. I think the problem is that there's just too much discretion here on this inconsistency and this is going to bring me into the next topic which was just as controversial if not more controversial in my opinion. And that's what happened with Matt Calvert in that game against the Vancouver canucks. Do you mind if I transition to that. I've said I've Said said my piece. You just heard out I understand. I understand I understand you know. I guess you have to suspend someone for fear that there will be other incidents students so spitting but a three three three game suspension and again this is a league where context is king. This is a league where guys is. Don't get suspended because they're like well. He was just reacting to getting punched in the face. Or what have you right. First of all by the way if there's one deficiency agency in player safety and and and player Enforcement in this league it's the Sucker Punch got shoulder. Show me a sucker punch that ever got three games a give him three games for spitting. I'm sorry I hate to be the guy that just like you know compare and contrast suspensions but I did a hit on DC radio this morning. You're like do you think he's getting suspended ended. I'm like well usually when there's a hearing this probably suspension. But it wouldn't surprise me if they just gave him a fine three games. Three Games for a Luyi Larry benchmark. That's the benchmark three games for Louis to get to board a guy first time offender. That game it's fine you know but Lougee Lougee. We'll make sure we get the drain the spit from this league. I'm only what I take umbrage to. Moore's is Matt Calvert Situation Though and if you didn't watch that Game Matt Calvert Block the shot against Lies Patterson and it's pretty much to his face at point blank range and he is on the ground and it is clear he is with her in pain so much so that allies Patterson tries to wave down the official and like get his attention but as the NHL book says if a team if a player goes was down and the other teams in control the Puck at the time of the injury plagued. He'll be stopped immediately told. His team is in scoring position. I totally butchered that. But the point of this if the other guys have the puck and they got possession just play on however if in this case where there's an obvious players as dangerous as serious injury. The referee Linesman may stop play immediately. So there's was opportunity for the reps to stop play immediately and my issue here is that it was on the judgment of the rest like this is all about discretion and the NHL came out and the general managers. Inter's met when you were in Toronto. And they said you know what we don't feel the need to change this rule because it was a judgement thing was an error of judgement. They probably should've stopped the play but they shouldn't didn't. Why wouldn't they want to create a rule that better as the health and safety of the game when they have an opportunity and rather to say? Hey we trust the rep's who clearly clearly had a gross injustice in this situation. That disappointed me more. I was really disturbed to see how this played out to sea that covered on the ice for that period period of time before he was being able to tended to buy his trainers and it kind of just sickened me. Yeah it was a cell phone to watch Steve Welcome the director of officiating for the NHL had a lot to say on this. I think it's clear that GM's and the league no that the REF screwed screwed up here walk them was kind of excusing. His guys by saying that the injury occurred that they may be couldn't see it. They couldn't see the blood it was it was. It happened in a weird position on the ice. I'm not surprised that there. There's no appetite for rewriting. The rule book. I just think they screwed up. Typically the rule of thumb is if you see blood you stop the play and honestly. I think that's a pretty good rule of thumb. I I know that in an era of player safety. We don't want to sit here and say that guy's embellish Sometimes they do and I know an aeroplane safety. We don't want to say that all injuries are equal. But they're not I mean guy gets Pitney angle with the PUCK. It's a lot different than guy bleeding out on the ice devils fans will remember a situation in the Stanley Cup. Final against the Detroit Red Wings. Nineteen Ninety five win the game winning goal. I believe it was engaged to scored by Jim. Dowd was scored after Paul. coffey blocked a shot was unable to leave the ice devils maintain. Possession scored the game winning goal. And that's a situation. We see play out a lot in this league and it's an injurious game and sometimes uh-huh guys get hurt and please continue but that is obviously like light years away from what happened with Calvert and the avalanche should be rightfully we Upset about it. Did you think that because of this because the way the the usually works. Is that when you see an incident. They tend to overreact to things and change as a rule book. For example. I guess making spitting three game suspension. Whoa you think that they were going to rewrite the rulebook on Calvert thing yeah I thought they could reward great that wording for sure we've seen incidents where they've totally changed rules to betterment player safety in the one example I can think of is at this year the new rule? Where if you're helmet comes off? You've got to exit play immediately to go get a new helmet or else. Your team's assessed a penalty like there's easy ways that we can they do this So yeah I think that they were going to have some kind of rewarding I I did and that's why I was sort of surprised that it did nothing came out of it from the GM's meeting eating. But they tend to believe the rule is good. They tend to believe that you know the rest. Discretion is where it should be and I just think we should be putting the refs in the the best position to succeed. Their job is hard enough as it is. There's not going to be an eye in the sky. Something else like. Let's not leave them with these gray areas and say let's leave it as a judgment husband. Call when like you said Stephen Him to admit they weren't in the best position to see it. Yeah and I think there there is a general sense that if they were going to alter the rule book it should be to to a situation. Where if there's a scoring play happening an guys down on the ice you let it happen but it's right but you're not gonna go let them start playing keyboard behind I think there might be some support for that but not enough from the people that actually make these decisions apparently early so there you have it spit blood hockey signed up for Greg. Okay right now. It's time for our favorite segment of castle. Hot Dogs. No he does not love.

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