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In spain to obtain have this experience but not necessarily the of trigger yes signs gich certain lane what was happening in my brain during the experience who what part of the brain is it that actually precedes not just agents experiences personality lic caused these events in the free meal maybe was something i ate laura some developmental cascade that that culminated in that moment i'm hoping to the possibility that maybe the trigger wasn't may be a there's a divine nina i'm going to give this experience the jeff if that's the case i don't think science explain it and in last lesson is okay so let's say we we do come up with the explanation was a drug the well we still had the could science say about the time it cost about whether or not there is an pat an intelligent loving being who so constructed the machine sightscanning manning about that one way or another in science can come up with discovery isn't descriptions of the world that seem to comport or not comport with the idea of a loving parl intelligent gum creator by science can adjudicate whether such a creator actually south yes that's jeff schloss he's a professor of biology at westmont college in california and he and steve talk more about evolution and religious belief in this week's podcast extra also if you'd like to read essays evolution and morale by jeff schloss and some others you'll find them on the website of humans and nature dot org they were our partners for this episode so you wouldn't think he could find that many scientists whose careers were inspired by mystical experiences but.

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