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Jeff Jensen, Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn Bridge Barclays Center discussed on 10 10 WINS 24 Hour News


Thirty third path not running path now running it all the world trade deadline World Trade Center line is apparently still running but the F. thirty third street lined path that path trains are shut down never get the curfew kicks in eleven o'clock tonight I'm Jeff Jensen next four nine fifty one on ten ten wins by chip a little over an hour from now a curfew in the city and let's get an update on that and the protests and police activity from ten ten wins new spam L. Jones out yup all things up for unfortunately are heating up across the city just ahead of that rare five borough curfew reports of looting arrests at high end shops on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan huge gatherings at grand army plaza throughout mid town heading over the Brooklyn Bridge Barclays center will recall in Westwood One correspondent Steve Kassebaum Steve while I make my way back to the Barclays center from grand.

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