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This is Madison Reed, I'm Amy Eric founder of Madison rink the company named after my daughter Madison Reed deliver salon-quality multi tonal, healthy looking hair color. It's a Monja free and delivered. Right to your door for under twenty five dollars worried about finding your shade. Don't be Mattson reads online shade matching tool makes it easy. This is this is Madison Reed. They hair color. That's changing the way women colored their visit Madison dash re dot com. That's Madison dash re dot com. Get ten percent off plus free shipping on your first color. Use code Seattle. One-two-three that's code Seattle. One-two-three try it loving. That's the beauty of Madison. Is a new kitchen in your plans? You're probably thinking months of mess. Tens of thousands of dollars in huge hassles. Hi, I'm Chad cechini, owner of heritage homecraft, and it just doesn't have to be that way. Our specialty is custom cabinet refacing and quartz countertops. With heritage homecraft custom means built from scratch just for your kitchen in about a week. We'll reface your existing cabinet boxes with quarter inch thick solid hardwood. No veneers or laminates. We can make design changes add cabinets, install custom features like soft close drawers and sliding shelves and other cool touches and top it off with the beautiful quartz countertop. Rather than subcontractors, we have our own team of professional craftsmen who make it easy and comfortable to have the kitchen of your dreams in about a week and save thousands. Don't put it off have us out. And let us show you what a heritage homecraft custom refacing project looks like in your home. Give us a call four to five four eight five sixteen hundred four to five four eight five sixteen hundred or heritagehomecraft dot.

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