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Day on Aaron on Bloomberg quick take powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries I'm more crumpton This is Bloomberg David Thank you so much Mark Tomorrow Kathy huckel delivers her first state of the state address as governor of New York where she's expected to propose term limits and a ban on outside income for those serving in statewide office To set the stage for us and for the governor we welcome now Joe Crowley He's senior policy adviser to squire Patton Boggs mister Crowley served as a democratic representative from the state of New York for 20 years rising ahead the House democratic caucus First of all happy new year Joe Great to have you back with us Give us a sense of Kathy hoku and what she has done so far what she has to say tomorrow Well thank you David happy new year to you and all the folks at Bloomberg I should also I serve in 12 years in the New York State legislature the assembly So I'm very familiar with this speech when Mario Cuomo was governor and George pataki What I could say is that so far Cathy has done a pretty good job of studying the ship of states so to speak She's come into her office during very very turbulent times historical times not only for New York State and New York City but for the country at large with COVID the way in which she became governor as well So I do think that this is a major speech for her Obviously the first woman to hold this office But so far I think she's done a very very good job in terms of studying the ship of state and bringing calm and I think building the relationship she needs to with the state legislature certainly with the new mayor as well as the city council here in New York City We'll pause that just for a moment if you would Joe on the relationship with Eric Adams the new mayor of New York City The nature of that relationship how important is to both of them both the governor and the mayor No there's no question that it is critical We saw that this functionality that existed during the prior administration's both in the state and in the city And his real opportunity to reset there were tremendous needs in New York City during this COVID time especially But just writ large you know the city's dinner with a number of issues that the new bear is kind of the grapple with And it's gonna need to cooperation of the governor to do that as well as the state legislature So I do think this is critical Very important time for both the city and for the state but especially for Kathy Hogan's for her opportunity to kind of lay the ground there for a reelection Now she's going to have competition There's no question about it but having the attorney general bow out I think in some respects of tightened it a bit for her in terms of her chances for reelection Joe is a practical matter does the coronavirus give her and forgive the expression and opportunity to avoid some of the more controversial issues Otherwise she might have to dress such as bail reform which is very controversial as you know and really divides perhaps the party between the more progressives and the more moderates Well I think Kathy is a very practical person I know I've known her for many years We served together the state in the House representatives And I think it's so far she hasn't made any major mistakes And I think that's what folks are looking for was someone who's come in kind of green and the executive position And yet at this time she is really not many mistakes of any at all And so I think that that is something that people looking at as well But look you're heading into a very very interesting political year 2022 The midterm elections for the House representatives every state assembly and state Senate seat is up for reelection as well as every state office attorney general and controller as well as the governor So it's going to be a really interesting year to watch I think but so far from my calculus I think that local has done admirable job It's going to be a very interesting year to watch for your old House of Representatives as well on national national basis Both because of the midterm elections you talk about but also the build back better The question of voting rights what do you think Congress is a practical matter can get done in this midterm election year It's going to be awfully political It will be but I think we can look to first of all the president's first State of the Union address which will take place sometime early this year That detail has yet to be worked out with the House representatives But I think that President Biden wants to come in there kind of and maybe in a kind of a victorious way having not only passed the bipartisan the bipolar infrastructure Bill but also getting something done in terms of the build back better Bill It won't be the 3 billion sorry the $3 trillion bill that a lot of Democrats are looking for But I have to say this David at $1.5 trillion bill is nothing to sneeze at It is monumental It is historical Even if they did a $1 trillion these numbers are astronomical There's nothing that I was dealing with when I was in the House representatives quite frankly Is it there for the taking Is it clear that you could get a bill with Joe Manchin West Virginia Democrat and Christian cinema Arizona Democrats Not always clear to me that they're on the same page They're not always on the same page I know they're both well and I can tell you that kyrsten sinema is one tough cookie As is Joe Manchin But look it's gonna take some compromise and folks on the left and the middle of the Democratic Party to get that compromise But as I say we need to start talking about the positive aspects of whatever is in that package And I do think there was a path towards that So the dimension has said that he would support something within the $1.5 trillion level or below And so I think that's what Democrats have to rationally look at this and maybe ratchet down some of their expectations But I still think that there'll be monumental things in the build back better bill that does get passed I think ultimately will pass Joe's always great having with us Thank you so much for the time It's former New York congressman Joe Crowley Still ahead former IBM CEO.

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