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I do not think that tros will wasn't one on. I think it's one in a long, long history of very dangerous, racial relations. And it's just the the most recent manifestation of that. And I think at its crocs what the Charlottesville protests symbolized was the fact that we, as a nation have done, absolutely nothing to aknowledge the brutality, the torture, the kind of terrorism that assistant based on a racially stratified society has led to. We have failed to really acknowledge that as a society. And as a result of that, you still have these episodes that. That pop up every so often that seem so surprising. This is the Brookings cafeteria podcast. I'm Fred dues, August, eleven, twelve, twenty seventeen white nationalists Neo confederates in Neo Nazis marched Charlottesville Virginia. With the stated intention of opposing the removal of a statue confederate general Robert early in the city's emancipation park. During those two days we witnessed these members of the so-called alt-right carrying torches chanting, Nazi slogans like blood and soil in clashing with counter protesters. Many people who turned out to oppose them are injured and a woman named Heather higher. It was there to stand up for diversity was killed by a man linked to white supremacist groups. After he rammed his car into the crowd. In the special edition of the Brookings cafeteria, four Brookings experts share their views on the events of that weekend. How history and public memory inform where we are today address. The question of white supremacy is domestic terrorism and look ahead to how we can do better. You heard from one of them at the start of this episode, Camille be set who was Brookings senior fellow and directs the race prosperity inclusion initiative. And you'll also hear from Christmas role, Andrea Perry, and Vanessa, Williamson, and the next episode of the Brookings cafeteria by colleague, Bill fine and director of the Brookings Institution press speaks with author and Peru, college professor, Thomas main on his new book, the rise of the alt-right visit our website.

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